9 Things About Your Vagina That You Must Absolutely Know Right NOW!

9 Things About Your Vagina That You Must Absolutely Know Right NOW!

How exactly is a vagina supposed to function? Is it supposed to smell? All of your questions will be answered here

You already know the facts about your nipples but what about the whole "down-there" region? How do you know how exactly your vagina functions, how to keep it healthy or whether it's supposed to smell?

We bring you the facts about your vajayjay that you should know, so ladies, brace yourselves!

#1 Your vagina is like fine wine

Yes, an amazing start to the list! The normal pH level for vaginas is 3.8 to 4.5, similar to those for white wines which require around 3.0 to 3.4 and 3.3 to 3.6 for red wines. So yes, it's totally his loss if he doesn't want to go down on you.

#2 A vagina can increase to almost double its size when you're turned on

What many of us may know is that the size of our vagina can vary in size when we get turned on, but did you know that it is totally possible for it to double in size?!

This is due to a process called tenting; which causes expansion of the upper two-thirds of the vagina. This actually helps in the movement of sperm up into the cervix for conception.

#3 A female orgasm is more intense than a male's because the vagina has more nerve-endings

Fun fact- There is a crazy amount of 8,000 sensory nerve endings in the clitoris, while the penis only has 4,000!

#4 It's normal for it to smell

Don't worry, every vagina has a smell! It does tend to get acidic before your period and the pungent afterwards, though. Also, it's more noticeable when you're sweating or right after a workout, because of the sweat glands. Oh, during sex as well, due to the natural lubrications you produce.

If it becomes strong, unpleasant or is accompanied with a discharge, it's advisable to consult your doctor for any infection.

#5 Having a healthy amount of sex is good for your vagina

Regular sex and orgasms can actually reduce stress and anxiety because through an orgasm, estrogen is increased which results in the increase of oxytocin release, which then reduces cortisol production, the main stress hormone.

However, too much sex in a short period of time may leave you chafed or with a urinary-tract infection (UTI). In addition, peeing after sex actually helps keep the UTI away!

#6  The surrounding area of your vagina can differ in colour

The shade isn't necessarily related to the tone of the rest of your skin. There are several cases of light-skinned women having brown or purplish labia, while a darker-skinned woman can have a lighter vulva.

There are cases of different colours in different areas as well — for instance, your labia could be on the darker side yet your perineum could be a pale pink.

#7 You can enable a tighter grip of your vagina through regular exercise

You can tone up your vagina by working on the pubococcygeus muscle which is the main muscle of your pubic region. To do this you'll have to clamp down as if you're stopping your urine flow, hold it for 10 seconds, then release. Do two sets of 10 to 20 reps a day and within a month, you'll notice the difference.

This will provide you with a tighter grip during sex, which can also make it easier for you to climax.

#8 The vagina is self-cleansing

The discharge actually cleans the vagina by having the secretions flush out cells from the vaginal wall, excess water, and bacteria. The only washing it needs is on the outside, between the labial folds and along the perineum, which you can do do by using mild, scent-free soap.

 #9 You don't need vaginal surgery

No, you probably don't. There are various kinds of vaginal surgeries such as the G-shot (a collagen or filler injection designed to increase the size of the much-debated G-spot area) and vaginal rejuvenation.

These surgeries are mad expensive and are highly unnecessary unless you have an actual medical condition.

Mummies, what do you think of these facts? Share your thoughts with us!

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Pavin Chopra

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