O Level 2014: Update on O level results day

O Level 2014: Update on O level results day

GCE O level results are finally out today! The statistics this year were similar to last year. Read this article about the latest news on the GCE O level exams.

For many students all over Singapore now, today seems like the most important day of their lives. It is because today is the day when the GCE O Level results are released. Students all over Singapore received their GCE O Level results at 2pm in their respective secondary schools or through the mail if they were private candidates.

Top scorers kept confidential

o level 2014

O Level 2014: Students from Cedar Girls receiving their O level results. Photo Source: straitstimes.com

In line with the Ministry of Education’s new emphasis on not highlighting academic achievement, the names of the top scorers and top schools were concealed from the public. According to a report published on the asiaone website, there were 3 top scorers who sat for their ‘O’ levels in 2012 who each scored 10 A1s. Two of them were from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School, 17-year-old Malaysian Zhong Yingyi and 16-year-old Chai Yung Ci who only arrived in Singapore from China 8 years ago. The third was from Crescent Girls’ school, 16-year-old Lim Min. CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School has produced a top O level student for 4 consecutive years since 2009. It is unclear whether the school has managed to achieve the same feat again this year.


Highest percentage in recent years

Results released today rendered the highest percentage of students who received 5 passes or more – the numbers hit a high of 82.7%! The figure has lingered below the 82% marker in the last few years, as reported by The Straits Times. Out of the entire cohort of students who sat for the examinations in 2013, 99.9% managed to score at least 1 pass and 95.7% with at least 3 passes.

Similar results compared to last year

o level results 2014

Students from Si Ling Secondary School as they see their results flashed on screen. Photo source: straitstimes.com

According to a report published on the Straits Times, The Ministry of Education revealed in a statement last year that 99.5% obtained 3 or more passes and 99.8% of candidates passed at least 1 O-level subject.

Important point to note

Regardless of how students did for their GCE O Level examination, they must bear in mind that the GCE O Level examination is merely a placement exam. For those who were disappointed, don’t be discouraged and continue to strive hard in life – there are plenty of options available. For those who did well, we would like to congratulate all of you.

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