Think outside the heart-shaped box: 33 unconventional Valentine's gifts for hubby

Think outside the heart-shaped box: 33 unconventional Valentine's gifts for hubby

Between the explosion of pink cards and tacky teddy bears in Metro or Isetan, let's beat the norm with gifting the hubbies something out of the ordinary, shall we? Keep scrolling till you find the perfect one for your man.

Dear wives,

Valentine's Day is just two days away (gasp!), and it's time to swipe that card on something really worth it. After years of chocolate, breakfasts in bed, and handmade cards, how about trying something different with something from this list? Time to stand out (and spice things up), we say!

Here are 33 unconventional gifts to give your husband this Valentine's Day! You can thank us later.

#1 Bring him to a fancy steak place

Try not to cringe if he starts pulling out the beef jokes. It won't be a miss-steak, trust us.

#2 A scrapbook of your memories together

It's not as mushy as it sounds. Your man will appreciate your effort, and it will certainly bring a smile to his face when he sees that cute honeymoon picture of you guys.... ah the memories!

#3 A sturdy briefcase/ backpack

Guys always need a larger-than-needed container to carry all their toys in.

#4 A gym membership

It's for his own good, and any day is a good day to start on his New Year's resolution.

#5 A memento that reminds you of him

An object that possess a similar little something that made you fall in love with him.

#6 That snarky t-shirt he has been eyeing all month

Guys and their sense of fashion, but we can indulge them just for V Day, right?

#7 A day at the beach

Another chance for him to show off the beach bod... or remove that pasty white glow from all the time spent gaming.

#8 Movie marathon (or a Netflix binge)

Indulge in the movies that you two watched together back when you were dating.

#9 Photo Album

Remember all the things you both have been through, and you can edit out all the unglam shots too!

#10 Be a tourist in your own country

Take a stroll down Orchard Road and take lots of pictures, or visit the zoo and spend the day enjoying each others' company.

#11 New running shoes

Buy a pair of New Balance if you are aiming for the nostalgic feel.

#12 An action figure of his favourite series

To complete his collection.

#13 Cook dinner

And prepare dishes you both love, but are too lazy to do for normal dinners.

#14 Prepare finger food, a few bottles of beer and let him watch football in peace

It's Champion League season. Score!

#15 Breakfast in bed (his way)

A feast of unhealthy proportions: treat him to the fatty, deep-fried goodness that you normally ban him from. Or.... get your love-mode on and tease him with a sensual dance then go for the kill (ahem). This will be the best V day ever!

#16 A fancy pen

That he can show off at work, because men like to show off their... pens.

#17 Buy him an in-game item

He will probably appreciate it more than an actual item.

#18 Have a breakfast date

Why wait till the sun sets for a candlelight dinner? Beat the crowds and go for a fancy breakfast date instead.

#19 Laser tag

Let him re-live his NS days, and see if he lives up to his boast as a marksman!

#20 DIY Iron Chef

If both of you like to cook, buy random groceries and organise a cook-off. Things can get steamy in the kitchen... and boy, will he love that! You many want to send the kids to Grandma's for the day.

#21 Conventions

Share a common interest that you both don't have the time for? Check out a convention about it for a fun time together.

#22 Impromptu photoshoot

Guys may roll their eyes at you every time you pose for a selfie, but deep inside you know they like having their pictures taken too.

#23 A walk

And we mean an actual walk in real-life- no smartphone browsing or earphones present. As an added bonus you can walk pass memorable spots.

#24 Spend the night at a fancy hotel

Surprise him with the all-you-can-eat buffet downstairs, and a bottle of his favourite whiskey upstairs.

#25 His favourite cologne

That you found cute when he soaked himself in when he first went out with you.

#26 Film a video for him

With you saying "I Love You" in different languages in all the significant places for you two. How adorable!

#27 Get out of jail free cards

Give him 3 (or 5 if you're feeling generous) cards that let's him get away with (almost) anything.

#28 A list of 50 reasons why you love him

Write them down on ice-cream sticks and put them in a jar. Uniquely done!

#29  A love letter

Adult life may sometimes cause us to forget about these small things that will make our husband's day when he 'chances' upon them.

#30 Prepare the greatest pillow fort ever

And engage in the most epic siege of all time that will go down in history, and you two can cuddle the night away inside.

#31 Couple’s massage

You deserve the pampering too!

#32 Recreate your first date

... and fall in love all over again.

#33 Excuse him from chores

Maybe just for a day. Or an hour.

What are some unconventional gifts you are planning for your husband? Tell us below!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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