33 unconventional Valentine's gifts for your wife

33 unconventional Valentine's gifts for your wife

Beat the norm by giving these unique and special gifts to your wife this Valentines Day!

Dear husbands looking for Valentines gift for wife...

Valentine's Day is creeping up and you're probably wondering what to surprise your wife with. There's the usual: flowers, chocolates, or maybe even a fancy dinner. But why not make it a little different this year?

Here are 33 unconventional gifts to give your wife this Valentine's Day! You can thank us later.

#1 Spend the night at a fancy hotel

Surprise her with roses, a jacuzzi and a bottle of her favourite champagne.

#2 A picnic at Botanic Gardens

Complete with a basket of her favourite foods.

#3 Recreate your first date

Women don't forget.

#4 Take her on a cruise

For a day or even for a few days if you both are up for it.

#5 Custom jewellery

A necklace, ring or even a bracelet with something special engraved on it.

#6 Her favourite perfume

So she smells good... for the both of you.

#7 A new set of dishes

Especially if she loves to cook and plate her dinners.

#8 A gift card to her favourite store

This way you don't have to worry about her not liking the gift.

#9 Fancy lipstick

Take a look at her current collection, you'll be able to tell what kinds of shades she likes.

#10 50 reasons why you love her

Write them down on ice-cream sticks and place them in a jar.

#11 Breakfast in bed

What better way to start the morning than having breakfast in bed, made by her love?

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#12 Do that thing you usually won't do

Even if it means watching chick-flicks with her, or going shopping (happily).

#13 A love letter

Celebrate the day of love with a handwritten letter to her- it's bound to touch her heart and make her feel oh-so-special.

#14 A day off

Take over the chores for the day and let her have the day off for herself.

#15 Cook dinner

It saves you the money and you don't have to squeeze in with other diners.

#16 Give her a massage

Now who doesn't love a good massage?

#17 A stuffed toy

Especially if she loves cuddling.

#18 Couple's massage

You deserve the pampering too!

#19 New running shoes

For the sporty woman in your life.

#20 Be a tourist in your own country

Take a stroll down Orchard Road and take lots of pictures, or visit the zoo and spend the day enjoying each others' company.

#21 A CD/MP3/Playlist of her favourite songs

Could this get any more romantic?

#22 Photo album

You can both spend the day reliving some memories as you look through the pictures together.

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#23 Movie marathon

Order some pizza (or any other fast food, we don't judge!), turn on the laptop and snuggle up for some movie time! Don't forget to let her pick the movie, if you're feeling extra generous.

#24 Go camping

Especially if she loves the outdoors. If not, build a blanket fort indoors and prepare all her favourite snacks.

#25 A day at the beach

Have a stroll along the shores and maybe even a picnic. You can watch the sunset together and stargaze after.

#26 A pretty new dress

That she's been eyeing for months.

#27 Buy something that reminds you of her

It could be a mug, or even her favourite snack.

#28 Write her a song

If you're musically inclined. If not, you could always look up instrumental versions of her favourite song and sing them to her.

#29 A bookmark

If she's really into books and misplaces her bookmarks regularly.

#30 That bag she's been wanting

BAGS! Need we say more?

#31 A makeover

She will feel like a brand new woman, and you will feel like you're dating a brand new woman.

#32 A puzzle with your pictures on it

Surprise her with it, and let her fix it on her own.

#33 A scrapbook of all your memories together

All together now, "awwwwwww".

Do you have any unconventional gifts to give your wife? Share with us in the comments below!

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Written by

Jasmine Yeo

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