2-year-old's death highlights danger of swallowing small objects

2-year-old's death highlights danger of swallowing small objects

Children have a habit of putting things in their mouth - so watch out for them and ensure that they remain safe.

The family was happily celebrating a "perfect Christmas" when disaster struck.

Independent UK reported on the sad news that highlights the importance of watching out for small objects around children. 2-year-old Brianna Florer passed away after swallowing a button battery.

In the midst of the festive celebrations, Brianna suddenly started to vomit blood and turn blue. Paramedics were summoned, but Brianna passed away after 2 hours of emergency surgery that were trying to stop the internal bleeding.

Kent Vice, her grandfather, stated - “One minute she is perfect, and the next minute she is dead. We had no idea when she swallowed it".

The hazard of swallowing small objects, especially batteries are present and should be taken seriously.

Do take note of small objects around your child. Here are some safety tips to take note of:

  • Call your doctor if your child starts to have any of the following symptoms: vomiting, gagging, drooling, not eating, stomach pain, coughing, or wheezing.
  • Signs that the object may be stuck include:
    • chest or tummy pain
    • not being able, or willing, to swallow food or drink
    • dribbling or drooling
    • vomiting,
    • becoming unwell, with a fever.
  • Keep small objects, especially sharp objects and batteries, out of your child’s reach. Do not let your child play with toys that have small parts that might come off and be swallowed. Make sure that older children keep their small toys away from your child.

Keep your child safe! Do leave your comments below.

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Paige Li

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