Twins for woman with two vaginas and two wombs

Twins for woman with two vaginas and two wombs

It’s double the joy for Danielle Young who carried twins in the form of a baby in each womb. She successfully gave birth to Joshua and Leah after being diagnosed with a myriad of reproductive complications. Let’s look at her miraculous journey.

The 29-year-old Danielle Young has had medical complications an early age. At 18, she was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus, a malformation where her womb is split in two. That’s not all—Danielle two vaginas and a double cervix too.

To pile on to her already complex reproductive organs, one of her fallopian tubes is fully blocked, so she could really only conceive in one womb.

In addition to that, seeing that the womb was so small, it would be a great challenge (if at all possible) to carry her baby to full term.

Miracle babies for woman with two vaginas

Danielle then found out that she pregnant with a baby in each womb, which was an unbelievable five million to one chance.

Doctors were not too optimistic as there are so many complications and dangers. So they told her there was a chance that she could lose both babies—so that she would be emotionally prepared if it were to come to pass.

The doctors handling Danielle’s case wanted to keep a close tab on things and monitored Danielle carefully with weekly scans.

Premature labour

The two babies were prematurely delivered via C-section at six months with Leah weighing in at 960g and Joshua at 1.08kg. The twins stayed at the hospital for a few months before they were discharged.

Twins for woman with 2 wombs and 2 vaginas

Double bundles of joy for woman with two wombs and two vaginas


That was four years ago, they are now healthy four-year-olds that are growing at a normal pace. After birth, mummy was really proud of the feat they all endured:

“I was wheeled down to see them and they were so tiny lying there in their incubators. They really astounded doctors with their progress. Leah was such a fighter. Even though she was the smaller of the two she was the first to feed and she was able to breathe on her own before Joshua.”

Miracles happen

Even with reproductive complications like that of Danielle’s, she still managed to give birth to twins. But before the twins, she thought that she had to go through IVF treatment with her 39-year-old husband. Surprisingly, she conceived with her first child even before treatment. After her first child, Paige, she conceived again and this time—twins.

Danielle has this to say about the miracle birth: “They could see there were two babies in my two wombs and they were both alive. The doctors were baffled. They couldn’t even guarantee that they had been conceived at the same time. I may have fallen pregnant twice, two weeks apart.”

She added: “When I look at them I know that miracles really do happen.” Don’t give up. Keep that hope alive. A highly positive disposition can get you through tough times.

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Felicia Chin

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