Brightness after 9 months of Darkness

Brightness after 9 months of Darkness

What else could be "The best" moments other than being born again willingly and knowingly? Each and every pregnancy is a long-lived memories.

My second planned pregnancy started rather normally, with the usual morning sickness and vommitting which carried me forward mixed in with a pleasant feeling of carrying a life within. During my last trimester, I started praying that my boy should come out on his own, but as there were just signs of false pain and also because my due date passed by without any surprise, my doctor suggested for an ceaser. Thus we fixed the auspicious date and waited for his arrival.

The operation was fixed in the afternoon, and naturally I got no sleep the previous night and was full of tension and tiredness the next day. During the c-section, his father wanted to see him come out, so he stayed along with me during the operatin. I was given half anasthesia and was able to see masked faces, machines, readings and green lines around me.

The anasthesist was standing with me and encouraging me all the time. Suddenly felt doctor shaking my body vigourously and heard a crying sound within few seconds - there came by cute little prince out from his dark see the world, his family! I was feeling so relieved and they showed the baby to me... to my hubby who was standing there in all joy...and later he was asked outside of the theater.

When the doctor was stiching my stomach, my blood presure went down and I started to have breathing problems... I started to shout out of fear, unable to breathe! But my mind kept on repeating..Gayathri you should not die..stay on..stay on... five horrible minutes passed... then I started feeling better... I was taken to post-operative ward... was half way unconsious... baby was sent to ward and I got to see him after 5 hours of total sleep.

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