My son literally kicked his way out!

My son literally kicked his way out!

"I can still remember that I was so darn hungry coz it was lunch time and I couldn't eat anything!" - Wye Ee

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I was confined to bed rest at home due to placenta praevia and lil' K kept kicking/banging/knocking against the placenta till it bled 3 times! First episode was when I was in week 29, 2nd episode in week 31, and the final episode in week 34. Yupe, I was hospitalized thrice due to the bleeding, and confined to bed rest for a month!

My gynae gave me the green light to return to work in week 33 with the condition that I have to limit my movements around the office. Just as I thought I had survived the first week back to work without much difficulties (and I just had a meeting with my GM where I was supposed to do up a presentation for him that day), lil K decided to come out to the world and join us by giving me another kick in the placenta, resulting the final bled.

Yes, it was a dramatic affair in the office. The bleeding was so heavy that you can see my blood trail in the office, and even though I took a stack of old newspaper that was about an inch plus thick to line my colleague's car seat, the blood just went through effortlessly and stained her car. And when I was hospitalized, my gynae told me it's best to take lil K out via c-sec rather than trying to keep him till 36 weeks and endure another bleeding episode. Very quickly I was put on drip and had to fast. I can still remember that I was so darn hungry 'coz it was lunch time and I couldn't eat anything! So, lil K joined us on 20.11.2009. Nothing felt better to have him by oursides and that he was doing very well as a preemie (in fact he was the loudest in the nursery!).

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Nasreen Majid

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