Beating the odds for a better future – True story of a heroic mother

Beating the odds for a better future – True story of a heroic mother

It’s been said that a mother’s love knows no limits. Read this inspiring story of a mother who fought her way out of slavery so that she could give her children a better life.


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As a mother, you have experienced your fair share of challenges. From nourishing your child and planning for school, to juggling the work-home balance or saving on a single income – every step is a small victory, a lesson to be learned and shared.

The picture shifts slightly for a rural Asian mother. Her victories in the face of socio-economic limitation offer a different kind of lesson. She has to brave the odds as she builds a better tomorrow for her children, her family.

Singapore-based crowdfunding website,, has been working with some of these rural mothers. They exemplify the strength motherhood brings every woman. This Women’s Day, we bring you the true, inspiring story of one such mother: Mahananda Metri.


Mahananda – an enslaved woman from India who rebuilt her life to protect her daughters’ future.

Mahananda’s story

When Mahananda was 16, her mother fell ill. Her uncles helped pay the medical bills, which amounted to Rs. 3,000 – that’s approximately S$66. Young Mahananda could not possibly repay her uncles, so they made her a Devadasi (temple slave) to recover their money. Their decision would have sealed her fate.

Being made a Devadasi meant that Mahananda and any children she would have were doomed to a sub-human life of slavery and exploitation. But she fought back.

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The struggles on an enslaved mother

Watch the video for Mahananda’s story of enslavement, escape, and triumph.

It has been a year since this video was made. Today, Mahananda’s older daughter Rekha is completing her Pre-University Science course, and aims for a career in medicine. Puja, her younger daughter, has yet to decide her goals. They were accepted to the Morarji Residential School, where they studied free of charge.


Mahananda’s daughter Rekha (left) and Puja (right)

But with their college education coming up, Mahananda now needs to earn more. So she trains 10 other Devadasis who aspire for independence, charging them each a monthly fee of Rs. 100 (S$2.20). She also works on farms all morning, because in their remote village, work and income from tailoring is not always enough.

Mahananda is living testament to the power of a mother’s love. She started with nothing, and was constantly pushed back by society. But she never gave up, and now, her daughters have a good life.

Help more rural mothers beat the odds


Mahananda hard at work with her sewing machine.

As mothers, we know all too well the daily struggles that go into giving our children a decent future. There are thousands others like us, answering our innate call to build a better world for our children.

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