Toddler survives alone for a week after grandfather dies

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The child was found lying unconscious near the body of his grandfather.

He is just three years old and because his mummy left him, and his daddy had to work far away to support him, he lived with his 66-year-old grandfather, Wei Ximing. Never did this little boy think that his beloved grandfather would leave him too...

Toddler Survived Alone After Grandfather Died

According to South China Morning Post, the little one was found lying unconscious near the body of his dead grandfather at their home in southern China. 

A relative who went there to borrow some tools made the unfortunate discovery. However, what was even more disturbing was that Wei had been dead for five whole days, leaving his helpless grandson alone with the body for all that time. 

Reportedly, the toddler survived alone on just tap water before he passed out. Wei Jingyu, the relative who made the sad discovery, said when she went there, she heard the sound of water from the second floor. 

The grandpa was found on the ground, with the little boy next to him, barely breathing. Wei had then carried the little one out to the neighbour's house for help. 

Thankfully, the toddler regained consciousness after receiving care, including saline solution and milk. Now, his health is believed to be improving. 

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