3-year-old boy accidentally left behind by parents at restaurant

3-year-old boy accidentally left behind by parents at restaurant

“My mummy and daddy have gone home," cried this child forgotten by parents at a seafood restaurant recently. Read what happened...

“My mummy and daddy have gone home,” cried the little child. His parents had accidentally left him behind after their meal at a seafood restaurant. 

Apparently, the child had fallen asleep during the meal, and was overlooked when the huge family of 30 left the place.

The incident happened on Sunday, 26 August 2018, in Melaka, Malaysia.

Little Child Forgotten by Parents at Restaurant

The boy was noticed by a restaurant patron, who handed him over to the owner, Irsyad Hadi Zainal.

Irsyad carried the little boy all around the restaurant, from table to table, looking for his parents.

He later told reporters,“I have many customers, so I don’t know which customer this child belongs to. After a while into the search, the boy tiredly slept off.”

child forgotten by parents

Photo: Twitter

Even after two hours when no one came in search of the child, Irsyad decided to make a police report.

Just then, he received a call from a man claiming to be the child’s father.

The 39-year-old father finally showed up at around midnight.

“As a precaution, I asked the man for his IC number before handing the toddler over to him,” said Irsyad.

The incident soon went viral on Twitter with netizens criticising the parents for forgetting their child.

“Ever since I started my business 18 years ago, this is the first time I have come across a situation like this. I didn’t expect that this will gain so much attention after a customer made it viral on social media,” says Irsyad.

We are so glad that this little child is safe now. We all think we’re not “that kind of a parent”. And that, we’d never forget our kids.

In this age of information overload and constant messaging however, the mind is constantly fatigued and stressed. Parents must realise that an overtaxed brain can fail you.

A single moment of distraction, or not communicating enough with your spouse is all it takes for such mistakes to happen. 


Source: NST

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