Toddler miraculously survives 100ft fall

Toddler miraculously survives 100ft fall

A 2-year-old Chinese toddler from Hangzhou, China, fell 10 storeys down and was miraculously caught by a passer-by. She has since woken up from her coma and is recovering well.

Miracle recovery for toddler

Miracle recovery for toddler

On 2nd July 2011, a two-year-old Chinese girl, Zhang Fangyu, survived a 100ft fall after being caught by a passer-by.  Fangyu, also affectionately known as Niu Niu, was left sleeping alone in her 10th floor apartment in Hangzhou, China.  Her grandmother decided to leave her unattended for a moment while she went up to the roof of their apartment block to collect the laundry.  Unfortunately, a few moments later, an eyewitness spotted the little tot clambering through an open window and onto ledge before she fell off two minutes later.

Luckily for Niu Niu, a passer-by, 31-year-old Wu Juping was passing underneath the block when she heard shouts about a child who was about to fall.

“When I looked up, I saw there was a man on the balcony under the window trying to get the child to climb onto a ladder he was holding,” said Ms Wu, an office worker and the mother of a seven-month-old boy.

She then kicked off her heels, ran to the scene.

“I opened my arms subconsciously when I heard the scream from above,” she said. “Then I just felt a strong pain in my left arm, I fell on the ground and passed out,” she added.

“It was just instinctive. I thought to myself: ‘I must stretch my arms out to her. I am right here I must get her.’ Then I made it. I caught her.”

Her selfless and radical move saved the little girl’s life.  While Ms Wu sustained multiple fractures in her arm, the child suffered some abdominal bruising, head injuries and went into coma.

On July 17, Associated Press reported that the tiny survivor had woken up from a 10-day coma and is recovering well from her injuries.  Her mother says Niu Niu has sung four songs to her. Xinhua News Agency quoted her mother Sunday as saying it indicates her brain functions are recovering. Her mother had sung several of Niu Niu’s favorite songs to try to wake her from the coma.  Xinhua quoted her doctor as saying the left side of her body is still partially paralysed, but there is hope she will recover.

Source: Telegraph UK, MSNBC (AP)

Photo credit: Telegraph UK

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