Babysitter breaks baby's bones

Babysitter breaks baby's bones

Muhammad Razali immediately suspected the babysitter to be responsible for the broken bones and lodged a report. Read on to know more.

Your baby does not cry for no apparent reason. Look for signs that your baby may be mistreated or abused. In this case that took place in Malaysia, the poor baby was merely 3-months-old when he was abused by his own babysitter.

Persistent crying after babysitter abuses him

The 32-year-old Muhammad Razali Hamzah, father of the child and his wife went to the babysitters after work to fetch the baby. The baby was wailing non-stop even though both parents tried to appease him.

Worried, both parents took the crying baby to the doctor who recognized there was something amiss. The doctor then suggested that the couple bring their son to a nearby hospital, pronto.

The father said: “The doctor checked him and told us we had better take the child to a hospital.” Wasting no time, they took the baby to Sultan Ismail Hospital, where they found out that the child’s left arm and leg were fractured.

Abusive babysitter

Was it neglect or abuse? Muhammad Razali immediately suspected the babysitter to be responsible for the broken bones and lodged a report. The case is now undergoing an investigation.

Careful who you choose

Picking out a babysitter to care for your baby is a very huge deal. Read this article for some signs to look out for and some tips to take into consideration when selecting a nanny for your child.

Signs of an abused baby

Trust the non-verbals of your baby. If possible be aware of the signs, for your baby’s bodily cues never lie. A mother would realise that her baby isn’t bubbly instead is weak and spiritless. Check for unusual marks on the body.

It is of utmost importance that you take your baby to the doctor if you notice any signs or marks that spell foul play.

Programmes and support groups in Singapore

Know that you are not alone when faced with the harrowing child abuse situation. So, it is helpful to know where you can turn to for a shoulder to cry on or to seek advice.

There are agencies like the Center for Promoting Alternatives to Violence (PAVe) and The National Family Violence Networking System– just to name a couple. PAVe’s main goal is to promote positive alternatives to violence in the lives of people experiencing interpersonal violence with remedial services. The National Family Violence Networking System has regular inter-agency training programmes on child abuse cases.

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports has a useful website that equips the public with necessary information, services and other essential resources when facing child abuse cases. No one should ever have to live through a child abuse case in the dark. Fortunately the Singaporean government has shed some light on the topic and provided support groups for victims.

Also read: Child Abuse Outreach link

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