7 tips for the day before the PSLE

7 tips for the day before the PSLE

It is finally the day before the exam, the final lap. Here are 7 tips for the day for the PSLE to help you calm your kid's nerves.

tips for the day before the PSLE

Calm your kid’s nerves with these tips for the day before the PSLE

PSLE is no longer around the corner.

It’s the day before the exam – a culmination of all the hard work put in over the year. It is crucial to keep it all together and not fall prey to last minute nerves as your kid gets ready to run the final lap.

Here are seven tips to help you soothe last minute jitters:

#1 Studying all night before the exam is a very bad idea. It makes the student very tired and unable to think with a clear mind.

#2 Don’t worry if your child feels that his mind is blank. All the information will come flooding back when he sees the question paper.

#3 Go through the brief study notes. Abstain from last minute cramming as this only increases stress levels.

#4 Your child may want to do a practise paper just to boost his confidence and keep his mind occupied.

#5 Check for all the stationery items and other things that may be needed for the exam.

#6 Relax with family. Refresh the mind with a walk or just unwind in front of the television.

#7 Once an exam is over don’t waste time and energy over analysing it. Put each exam behind you and focus on the next one.

The best way to handle exams is to be well prepared.

The ultimate aim of PSLE should be for our children to perform to the best of their ability, rather than to outrun their peers. As parents it’s our duty to cheer and support them as they cross the finishing line.

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