2011 PSLE Examination time-table

2011 PSLE Examination time-table

With PSLE rolling around the corner, many parents are busy helping their kids prepare for the 'big' exam.

PSLE timetable

Currently, only pupils who are studying in government / government-aided / approved private institutions in Singapore are allowed to sit for the PSLE when they reach Primary 6 level.

We consulted the Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) to answer some questions about the exam.

These are the dates for the ORAL and LISTENING COMPREHENSION Examination.

  2011 PSLE Examination Time-Table  
Date A. Oral Examination Time
18 August (Thurs) & 19 August (Fri) English Language / Foundation English / Chinese / Malay / Tamil Foundation Chinese / Foundation Malay / Foundation Tamil 0800 - 1300 h
19 August (Fri) Bengali / Gujarati / Hindi / Panjabi / Urdu / Foundation Bengali / Foundation Gujarati / Foundation Hindi / Foundation Panjabi / Foundation Urdu 0800 - 1300 h
Date B. Listening Comprehension Time
16 September (Fri) Chinese / Malay / Tamil 0900 - 0935 h
Foundation Chinese / Foundation Malay / Foundation Tamil 0900 - 0940 h
Bengali / Gujarati / Hindi / Panjabi / Urdu Foundation Bengali / Foundation Gujarati / Foundation Hindi / Foundation Panjabi / Foundation Urdu 0900 - 0930 h
English Language / Foundation English 1115 - 1150 h

Q: When will the 2011 PSLE results be released?

The PSLE results are tentatively scheduled for release between 24 to 28 November 2011.

Q: What happens if a pupil falls sick during the PSLE and sits or DOES NOT sit for the exam?

The pupil will have to send in his/her medical documents to SEAB through his/her school.  His/her results will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How can a pupil withdraw from the PSLE?

A pupil can withdraw from the PSLE by informing the SEAB through his/her respective primary school principal.

Q: Will the examination fee be refunded to the pupil who has withdrawn from the PSLE?

There is no refund of the examination fee.

Q: Who is eligible for special consideration / arrangements during the PSLE?

A pupil with physical or learning disabilities which may adversely affect his/her performance in the examination may request for special consideration /arrangements during the examination.  Certain special consideration / arrangements will be annotated in the pupil’s PSLE certificate.

Q: How does a pupil apply for special consideration / arrangements?

Application for special consideration / arrangements must be done through the pupil’s school. The detailed application procedures may be obtained from the school.

Q: What happens if there is a spelling error in the personal particulars in the result slip of a pupil?

The pupil should inform the school of the spelling error.  The result slip will not be re-printed for the pupil.  However, the error will be rectified on his/her PSLE certificate.

Q: Is there a replacement for the pupil’s result slip or certificate?

There is NO replacement for the result slip or certificate.  However, the pupil may purchase a “Statement of Results” from the Ministry of Education Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive, S138675 (8am – 6pm Mon to Fri). The contact number is 6872-2220.

The Statement of Results” costs S$10 per copy.  A levy of S$2 and S$5 will be charged for postage to local and overseas addresses respectively.

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