Thrinayan's first day to school

Thrinayan's first day to school

Menaka Seshakumar shares her child's first day of school with us.

My boy was 18 months old when we thought we would enroll him in a neighbourhood childcare. The school we finalised is a very small one -  a montessori run by a lady who reminded me so much of my mom, the same dedication and energy that the moment I talked to her, I decided to put my kid there.

A white omni comes daily at 7:00 am and he is off... just like that! The first day, I was wandering around the house, wondering at the silence and the time, I didn't know what to do with! I was counting the minutes till 1.30pm when they would be home.

I would wait downstairs to greet him. There's something very brave in you when you first entrust your kids to an absolute stranger and pray that they take them to their destination safely. It was that first letting go that was difficult, days after that were easy. I think I just got a preview of what it would be like when they leave home for college and more so when they get married! I wouldn't want to be like the clinging parent, trying to force myself on my kids life!

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