My child's first day in school!

My child's first day in school!

Is your child starting primary 1? Are you worried about how they will handle the first day of school? Take comfort in reading the stories submitted by our readers on how their child handled the firs day of school. In this story, Mdm.Jayaletchumi shares her child's first day of school with all of us.

The day had finally come. She was looking at me with great uncertainty and her big brown eyes started to bream with tears.

I knew that she was not in favour of making the trip to school, but I reassured her again that it was going to be okay. I even showed her my school photo holding my mother's hand as we headed to school together.

At the school gate, my daughter Dolly once again poured out her heart's contents through her beaming eyes.

I quickly hugged her and promised to be there during her recess time. I also said positive things like going to Swensons for her favourite chocolate mousse ice cream after school.

For an instance I thought that I was looking at myself in my childhood days. And I remembered how my mum was always there for me. Likewise I made up my mind that I would be there for my kid too.

The day passed quickly for me but not too sure about Dolly though. She brightened up the same way she did when I saw her during recess with her tasty red bean bun. This time, it was time to go home.

She was practically gleaming away with pride showing me what her teacher had given her for answering a correct answer in a quiz. Umm not too bad for a start, I thought.

Well, I kept my word in going to Swensons after school as we still had a whole week ahead. But I know that together we can do it.

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Sandra Ong

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