Aiman's first day of school

Aiman's first day of school

Nor liana shares her child's first day of school with theAsianparent.

I remember my 3rd son's 1st day of school. We parents are so "kancong" thinking what to bring? Will our kids be ok? Can we trust the teacher? Do our kids eat healthy? Last and not least, will they adapt to their new surroundings.

For my son, he is a shy boy. So I try to help him relax and told him that he will have a lot of friends there. On the day I sent him at the canteen, we have to wait for the teacher to take them to their respective classes. When they were taken to their class, we parents have to wait at the hall. Then we went down to the canteen to see our kids having their recess.

We parents shouldn't be worried because the school assigned each kid with a Buddy. This Buddy will teach our kids all about the school and how to buy things. Now my kid love to go to school. He doesn't want to miss a day away from school.

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