Thoughts that mums have while playing with their kids

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Playing with kids isn't always fun and games. Here are some thoughts that mums secretly have while they're playing with their kid.

Let's face it, playing with your kids isn't always going to be a fun experience as playing with the same set of blocks, or assembling and disassembling the same puzzle set day in and day out can get old pretty fast. Of course parents, especially mums, don't really show or tell their kids since they want their children to always have fun and enjoy being a kid.

Here are some of the thoughts that mums have while playing with their kids:

1. Alright, let’s get this over with. Wait, what? Puzzles? Why does it have to be puzzles?!


Good thing is that kids' puzzles are pretty easy, so your kid should be finished with it pretty quick.

2. No, no, no, you can't start a puzzle at the middle! That's a disaster waiting to happen!

Hmm, this might take longer than you expected.

3. Hang on a sec, she might be getting the hang of this. Oh wait, she just smushed that piece in the middle of the puzzle

Well, at least almost has it figured out. Maybe next time she'll actually try and fit it in properly.

4. Alright, now we're going to have a tea party. At least that's a bit more relaxing

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