99% of parents think THIS is the best way to spur creativity

99% of parents think THIS is the best way to spur creativity

If 99% of parents think that play is the best method to encourage children to be more creative, then it’s got to be really effective!

It is unfortunate that children in Singapore often face heavy pressure from their parents, teachers and peers to do well from a young age.

From the time they enter kindergarten till they enter the workforce, it is drilled into their DNA that in order to succeed, they MUST do well in school.

But, parents, life isn’t always about being book smart and getting the best grades.

Ever heard of the old saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? The truism of this saying is more relevant than ever.

Play is much more than just play.

The reality is that many bosses of today’s (and of the future’s) workplaces look for candidates who are able to innovate and problem-solve. These are traits that require creativity that could be nurtured through play!

So parents should be setting their kids up for success by nudging their kids down a creative path from young.

creativity in children

In fact, when surveyed by this publication, 85% of Singaporean parents whose kids are between 5-10 years old, believe that kids are born with an intrinsic value of creativity.

They also agreed that creativity in children SHOULD be developed as it is a useful skill to have.

Now, that doesn’t sound like the kiasu Singaporean parents we are made out to be!

But it is such a waste that sometimes, that creativity is left on the backburner when prioritising our children’s development.

Play enhances creativity in children

creativity in children

So what do parents do to encourage their kids to be more creative? Out of the 226 parents surveyed, a whopping 99% (that’s ALMOST all of the them) agree that a child’s creativity can be enhanced through play.

Evidently, with so many toys boasting edutainment value in the market, learning and encouraging creativity through play HAS proven to be effective.

Playing with toys, such as LEGO, not only ignites the creativity in children when they start building their structures and form make-believe universe, it also helps develop your little one’s fine motor skills.

Buy toys to spur creativity in your kids

creativity in children

The next time you are thinking of getting something for your children, think about this statistic: the primary reason for why 7 out of 10 parents purchase toys, is to improve their child’s creativity.

Of course, toys come with other benefits like bringing absolute joy to your child’s life. It is when they are at their happiest that they are able to get those creative juices flowing.

creativity in children

It was also found that majority of parents encourage their children to be creative by giving them the freedom to explore creative ideas and do what they want without restrictions.

This doesn’t mean that parents let their kids run wild with no boundaries. What it means is that kids are given constructive tools to help boost creativity.

Common tools include things like building toys, arts and craft, giving your kids a chance to bond with nature, providing them with learning kits, exposing them to music and dancing as well as giving them books to read.

All of these tools should lead your child in the right direction from a creative standpoint.

One of the most well-loved toys that parents have been using for decades to bring out their child’s inner creativity is LEGO. LEGO is a great toy for building imagination and encouraging creativity. Inspire your kids to be more creative here:  https://www.lego.com/en-sg.

creativity in children

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