9 Thoughts mums have in the first minute of parenthood

9 Thoughts mums have in the first minute of parenthood

This mommy shared the many thoughts that ran through her head during her first minute of motherhood. What were your first thoughts parents?

After about nine months of waiting, prepping, wishing, and hoping...the big day has finally arrived.

Your life is about to drastically change forever, and it all starts once you hold your precious little infant in your loving arms for the very first time. So, let me ask you this while we're on the topic: What thoughts are going through your head?

Whether you're a longtime mummy, or a proud new mother, there's no doubt you've taken the time to think about the thoughts that ran through your head the first few minutes you could declare yourself a parent.

Were they wondrous thoughts? Were they thoughts of anxiety? Were they funny? We genuinely want to know!

In any case, Shelby Spear, a frequent contributor to Family Share and a loving mother of three, recently shared the 9 thoughts that ran through her mind in those initial moments of parenthood.

Can you relate to her list? Check out her 9 thoughts, and let us know if they're similar to yours!

1. "LOVE. An all-encompassing miracle that is mine to hold forever."


2. "You are mine. My child, my responsibility, my precious gift. I am your mum!"

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3. "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."


4. "Do you know who I am? Do you recognize my voice? Can you sense my love?"


 What thoughts were running through your mind during the first few minutes of parenthood? Read more by clicking next, and let us know yours!

5. "How on earth did God form this child from a sperm and egg?"


6. "How can features so small be so perfect? Eyes, nose, mouth, lips, ears, fingers, toes, hands, feet, face, fingernails all tiny and proportionate. It's breathtaking."

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7. "I will go to the ends of the earth and do everything in my power to protect you."


8. "What does it feel like to be out in the world after being snuggled in my womb all this time?"


9. "I don't ever want to let go of you."


What do you think, mums? Did any similar thoughts run through your mind during those first few minutes of being a mother? Let us know by like, commenting, and sharing this article!


Shelby Spear's list was originally featured on Family ShareLearn more about Shelby by visiting her website!


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