Planning your first sex vacation? Read this first!

Planning your first sex vacation? Read this first!

Sexcation -- a period of time when two consulting adults spend most of their time either in bed or eating Insta-worthy food

Parents, let's face it- raising kids, work, extended family obligations and even health changes have taken a toll on your sex life. There are so many ways to relive the spark of your sex life but why don't you both just go for a sex-cation?

Hear us out -- the word "sex-cation" translates to "a period of time (usually a long weekend) when two consulting adults spend most of their time either in bed or eating Insta-worthy food" in the urban dictionary.

Ready? But before that, here are some important things you should take note of when planning for a sex vacation.

#1 Always pack lingerie


Because...why not? You can't expect to be wearing skinny jeans or flower dresses the whole time! Lingerie not only works for his benefit, it is also one of the more effortless ways to make yourself feel sexy. Besides lingerie, you can also opt for a nightie, same outcome!

However, don't go telling your partner that you're planning to wear lingerie or anything like that. Surprises are always a good option!

#2 Avoid family hotels

It's a sex-cation, after all! Staying in a hotel that is mostly frequented by families will have the front desk staff ringing the phone in your hotel room because of the "too loud" or "constant banging on the walls" complaints from parents. Also, you wouldn't want to be in a pool or a jacuzzi surrounded by kids!

In conclusion, family hotels are never conducive to a sex vacation.

#3 Don't include romantic activities in your itinerary


Don't go overboard with the the romantic activities such as candlelit and beachside dinners. Not only will you waste time, it unnecessarily increases the pressure between the both of you.

Instead, activities such as a spa treatment will be relaxing and not to mention, non-pressurising at all!

#4 Keep away from your phones

social media

Nope, don't just say that you'll only attend to your phones for emergencies. We all know that never works. Be strict with yourselves. Avoid checking emails or social media accounts because neither Instagram nor your boss can help in refuelling your sex life!

#5 Get enough sleep

As you're going to be super duper occupied in bed during the sex-cation, it's important to at least get enough sleep before the trip. It's going to be a real mood ruiner if one of you gets sleepy or lethargic at anytime during the trip!

Also, not having enough sleep is actually a proven reason as to why couples don't have enough sex. So go on, get some sleep!

#6 Do not pick fights


During the days prior to your sex-cation, make it a point to not pick fights. It'll be hard to get into the mood if you're still harping over the fact that he didn't wash the dishes on that one weekday night. So try not to bring up any topics that will lead up to an argument!

#7 Don't take the family

This one goes without saying. A sex vacation is like going to an adult theme park, so why would you want to bring the kids? Use this alone time to explore new things and being free with each other. Enjoy this short vacation that is meant for only the both of you and leave the responsibilities such as work and the kids at home(safely!).

Parents, have you been on a sex-cation before? Share your experiences with us!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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