10 Things Wives Wish Husbands Knew About Sex

10 Things Wives Wish Husbands Knew About Sex

Hubbies, read this!

Following our hugely popular article ’10 things husbands wish wives knew about sex’ it is only fair that we come up with an article about what we ladies wish our guys knew about sex, right?

We get you, hubbies, we know you walk a thin line when it comes to sex and us ladies! But we — and you, too — should also know that walking that line is worth the effort, for the rewards are aplenty!

Knowing this, that’s why we’re here to offer some insights into your ladies’ minds — when it comes to what they want you to know about sex.

So keep clicking ‘Next’ to read our ‘hot’ list’! (You are welcome, by the way)!

We need to be emotionally turned on.

10 Things Wives Wish Husbands Knew About Sex

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In addition to being physically turned on, we women need to be emotionally turned on as well. It is very hard to make a physical connection when we are emotionally preoccupied.

So, if you feel your busy lives have drawn you apart and your sex life has suffered as a result of it, take some time to connect emotionally with your partner, by taking her somewhere nice for dinner where you can have kiddie-free time to yourselves.

Please don’t thank us for sex!

Thanking us for sex makes us feel like you are paying for it, so please don’t do it. This goes for when you get some oral action as well.

Not thanking us doesn’t mean we don’t like to hear our praises sung either. So feel free to rave to us about how good we are in bed!

There’s more to breasts than just nipples.

10 Things Wives Wish Husbands Knew About Sex

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The rest of a woman’s breasts are as erogenous as her nipples, and most women prefer that their entire breast is caressed, rather than just the nipple itself.

So before you make a beeline to the ‘peak’, build anticipation by taking your time to get there and exploring the rest of the lovely ‘mountain’!

We’re willing to try out new moves too.

Wives have an unfair reputation for not being open to trying new moves or positions. The reality is, we’re open to anything that will make our time in bed with you more exciting!

Do note though, that if you want to try something new with your love, it might help to tell her where you got the idea from.

If you just spring a surprise, your wife may start to wonder who you’ve been talking to or what you’ve been watching!

That’s why it might be a good idea to draw inspiration from magazines — better yet, a magazine article written by a woman.

No is no, baby. Pleading won’t get you anywhere.

Wives tell sex therapists that it is a major turn-off when their husbands keep asking for sex after they have been turned down once.

Therefore, when your wife refuses sex, it might be a good idea to give her some space.

You could also try asking her what she wants to do… you never know, she might ask you what you want to do later!

Words are aphrodisiacs.

Many women find that having an intimate conversation with their husbands gets them in the mood for sex.

Talk about anything and everything and hold hands, make lots of eye contact and cuddle while you do it!

We think guys who do housework are sexy as hell.
Remember those days when you tried to impress your wife (then girlfriend) when she came over to your place? Why does that have to stop once you are married?

Let your wife have some time off by cooking up a storm in the kitchen or vacuuming — or really, by doing anything around the house.

Women tell sex therapists that they find apron-clad husbands more appealing than plonked-on-the-couch husbands. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

We like it rough at times.

10 Things Wives Wish Husbands Knew About Sex

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Don’t assume that your wife wants your lovemaking to be romantic and gentle all the time. Wives claim that they, too, like it when their husbands want to have raw, wild sex every now and then.

You’re not a teenager anymore…

Guys, this means strictly no honka-honka-ing, motor-boating or talking in a ‘you-Jane-me-Tarzan’ kind of caveman tone — well, unless you both fancy role-playing!

Understandably, most women tell sex therapists that it is a huge turn-off when their men start acting like starved-for-sex teenagers.

A little lube goes a long way.

It is important to know that using a bit of lubricant (lube) doesn’t mean that you have failed in your job to arouse your wife!

If you want foreplay to be enjoyable for both of you, try using a bit of lube to get things started. Dry fingers are not fun for us women!

And here’s a bonus one — please don’t feel threatened by our sex toys!

Just as your wife shouldn’t be threatened by your porn collection, you needn’t feel threatened if she uses a vibrator to help her achieve an orgasm, or to get started before you get ‘into it’!

You never know, you might even find it arousing, too!


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