The 12 Things Singaporean Women Really Want... In the Bedroom!

The 12 Things Singaporean Women Really Want... In the Bedroom!

We've compiled a list of things women like in bed but won't tell you. Men, get on it!

Let’s bust the myth that women do not enjoy “bedroom activities” as much as men do, shall we?

Besides cuddling and talking about their emotions after the act, here are a few pointers (from local mums) that will leave your woman breathless every time the sheets are ruffled. Men, take this down!

What women want… really

#1 Kiss me, gently and wildly

The 12 Things Singaporean Women Really Want... In the Bedroom!

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“My husband never kisses me whenever we do it, and to be honest, it sucks! I feel like I’m making love without emotion. And when he does, it’s so monotonous. I crave for him to kiss me softly at times, and go rough and passionately at other times. I love the variations of kissing. I eventually told him about it (and taught him how to do it well, HAHA), and ever since then, sex has never felt more special with him.” – Michelle, 30

#2 Take charge and be aggressive

“I love it when my husband gets a little rough in bed, it’s so much fun! Especially when he pulls my hair back, but yet takes caution in not hurting me more than I can tahan (tolerate)! ” -Wendy, 28

#3 Longer, louder & more vocal sex

“Sometimes when I’m going down on him, I don’t know if he’s enjoying himself because he’s always so quiet. I wish he’d tell me what he likes or what I’m doing right. Sounds of pleasure from him wouldn’t hurt as well! The louder, the better!” -Lee Ching, 34

#4 Romance me!

The 12 Things Singaporean Women Really Want... In the Bedroom!

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“I’m a sucker for romance, so I love it when he sets up candles and gives me a nice oil massage before we do it. One time, he had even decorated the bed with rose petals like in the movies! Although it’s not often that he does this gesture, it’s still really sweet and it gets the both of us into the mood too!” -Aishah, 27

#5 Undress me.. slowly

“Yeah, I get that in the heat of the moment, men naturally rush to take everything off. But I really dig it when he undresses me slowly – it’s a total turn on! Because it shows that he’s paying attention to every inch of me. I’m not gonna lie, I like the attention! It makes me feel wanted and what woman doesn’t want to feel wanted, am I right?” -Yvonne, 32

#6 Spoil me rotten

“Ooh I really love when my husband spoils me, even before sex. When he sayangs me, gives me a foot massage, sings to me, and makes it all about me. Then we cuddle up… and I will return the favour the next night, of course!” -Yi Ting, 25

#7 More oral, please

“One serving for me, pronto! Oral sex isn’t just for men- women would like some too! I guess it’s because we hardly see it on TV, and it’s always assumed that men should be the ones on the receiving end. I don’t like to ask for oral, because I feel that it should be something that my hubby wants to do out of his own will!” -Shermaine, 29

#8 Role-play

“Let me be the sexy nurse tending to your wounds. I think role-playing is fun, because it lets me be someone else for a night, let loose, and it can spice things up.” -Anjali, 34

#9 Foreplay matters!

“Guys, you can’t just rush into the main course without having the appetiser first. Women just can’t whip out a private part and dive straight into it. You’ve got to build it up first before doing it. Trust me, it makes a whole world of difference!” Hui Min, 30

#10 Sext

The 12 Things Singaporean Women Really Want... In the Bedroom!

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“There’s always something sexy about my hubby when he sexts me. It gets me really excited just thinking about what he’s really going to do to me when I get home. The anticipation gives me a rush on its own.” -Rachel, 26

#11 Vary your movements

“There are times when I want it to be passionate and affectionate, but hard and rough at other times. Yes, I am hard to please.” -Alicia, 31

#12 Change it up

“I get bored of routines, so my husband always makes sure to spice things up by introducing toys, or maybe even trying a kinky new position! It makes the both of us excited for sex and we can’t get enough.” -Priya, 28

Ladies, don’t be afraid to let your husband know what you want in bed- communication is key!

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