Sexting 101 for Married Couples

Sexting 101 for Married Couples

Research shows that married couples who spice up their sex life by sexting enjoy the end results just as much as the process!

Sexting, some married couples may find it silly to engage in such behaviour, mainly because they may feel that sexting could only be for couples that are still in the dating stage. Well, clinical sexologist Gloria Brame begs to differ.

"Sexting with strangers is primarily a masturbatory aid—the other person isn't known, so you fill in the picture with your own fantasies," says Brame. "In marriage, it's a continuation of an intimate relationship that stimulates bonding chemicals in your brain, and makes sex hotter sex when you have it."

Studies have shown that higher levels of sexting were linked to greater sexual satisfaction, especially among those that are in a relationship.

Not sure how to sext? Or maybe you and your partner are looking to add some sizzle to your marriage? Read on to find out our top 5 tips on how to sext!

#1 Be confident

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Sexting for the first time may feel like having sex for the first time. You get a little nervous, and you may probably be afraid of looking/sounding silly. Don't worry, it's normal to feel a little embarrassed, but think about how hot you'll sound to your partner when he gets that saucy text from you.

#2 Timing

This is crucial, you wouldn't want your husband's colleague accidentally seeing a picture of you naked! Ask him beforehand if he's alone, as this ensures that he's the only one looking at your texts (and not some kaypo colleague!)

#3 Be descriptive

sexting for married couples

Don't just send him phrases like "Can't wait for you to get home", be descriptive and tell him what you'd like to do to him when he gets home. Not only will it make him excited, but it would definitely put him in the mood the moment he gets home.

#4 Tease

No, we aren't contradicting our previous point, but there are certain things that you can be less descriptive about. Instead of telling him what you're wearing, be coy about it and say, "Guess what I'm wearing underneath my dress?" and when he can't guess any longer, let him know that he'll find out when he gets home.

#5 Delete!


Especially if you have taken any raunchy pictures! You wouldn't want your kid to accidentally open up a sexy picture while he's looking for the picture he took of himself 5 seconds ago now, would you? Remind your partner to delete the photos as well!

The most important thing when you're sexting is to enjoy what you're doing, and ensure that you and your partner are 100% comfortable with this.

If it feels as though you have to force yourself to do this, then it will not be as much fun as it would be for both of you. So have fun and sext away!

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Claudia Chia

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