10 Things That Husbands Can Tell Their Wives to Sweep Them Off Their Feet!

10 Things That Husbands Can Tell Their Wives to Sweep Them Off Their Feet!

At a loss for words? Well, here's a list of super sweet things that you can tell your wife to make her fall in love with you all over again!

1. You’re beautiful

10 Things That Husbands Can Tell Their Wives to Sweep Them Off Their Feet!

Just 2 simple words, yet when you’re wife hears them from you, she’ll surely have a smile on her face! Make sure to not overuse or overdo it though, as it might not sound sincere if you keep repeating the same thing over and over to your wife.

Be sweet, and be sincere.

2. Relax, I don’t want you to burn yourself out

Sometimes, wives work themselves too hard, sometimes because they like working, and other times it’s because they just have a lot of things on their plate. Showing your wife that you’re concerned about their health makes them feel loved, and lets them know that you appreciate how hard they’re working.

3. Do you want a back massage?

10 Things That Husbands Can Tell Their Wives to Sweep Them Off Their Feet!

There’s really no further explanation to this. Back rubs or back massages are just plain amazing!

4. Hey, you’re the best

Don’t be shy about telling your wife just how amazing she is. Likewise, don’t be shy about bragging to your friends and family about how thankful you are to have such a wonderful person as your wife!

5. Say thanks

Each time your wife does something for you, gives you a gift, or kisses you or hugs you, make sure to say thank you. Let her know that you’re thankful for the things that she does for you, and that you appreciate even the little things.

6. What are you interested in?

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Just like you, your wife has interests that she’s very passionate about. Taking the time to ask her about the things that she’s passionate about, and the things that she’s interested in can not only make her feel happy that you’re asking about her interests, but it also brings the both of you closer as a married couple.

Who knows, you might just find yourself a new hobby!

7. Ask her opinion on things

If you’re making a small decision such as what socks to wear, or what shirt to buy, or a big decision such as your career choice, make sure that your wife is part of the conversation. She will be happy that you’re taking her opinions into consideration, and it also helps to run things by her before making big decisions, in order to avoid any issues in your marriage later on.

8. Need some help?

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As amazing as your wife is, she’s only human, and she might need your help from time to time, whether it’s doing chores, cleaning the house, or her problems. Always offer to help your wife out, so that she knows, and she feels that she’s not doing all the work in the marriage.

9. Hey, I trust you

Telling your wife that you trust her means that you have faith in her, and that you know she won’t do anything to hurt you, or do anything against you. Trust is a huge part of any relationship, and especially so in a marriage.

10. I love you

Of course, telling your wife that you love her is the sweetest and greatest thing that you can say. It might be cliche, or overused, but telling her “I love you” in all sincerity, and with all the love in your heart just makes her feel amazing (even if she doesn’t show it!).

*Republished with permission from theAsianparent Philippines

Source: familyshare.com

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