5 of the most eye-popping billion dollar divorces

5 of the most eye-popping billion dollar divorces

For some of the world's richest men, severing marital ties was anything but cheap. Have a look at the most expensive divorces.

“Ah, Yes, Divorce, From the Latin word means to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet!” – Robin Williams

As per Forbes there are 1826 billionaires on earth in 2015 i.e One billionaire for every 4 million people. Thats lot of luck and money! Let’s have a look at world’s most costly divorces so far.

1. Dmitry Rybolovlev & Elena Rybolovlev : $ 4.5 B

divorce 1

Rybolovlev’s divorce is considered the most expensive divorce ever.
Image credit: Nydailynews.com

Russian business Tycoon is ranked 156th on Forbes 2015 Billionaire list with net worth of $ 8.5 B. His wife Elena was awarded $4.5 B by a swiss court in 2014. Rybolovlev’s divorce is considered the most expensive divorce awarded ever. The Russian oligarch has majority ownership stake in AS Monaco Football club besides owning breathtaking properties around the world. Divorce litigations have been amicably solved.

divorce 2

One of Rybolovlev’s stunning properties.
“Maison-de-l amitie” by Sensation White Amsterdam – Own work

2. Alec Wildenstein & Jocelyn Wildenstein: $2.5 B

divorce 3

Alec Wildenstein(late) and his ex-wife, Jocelyn.
Image credit: Lifedaily.com

Alec (late) was the billionaire French art dealer and racehorse owner in New York city. Apparently, it was Alec who had a liking for large felines and encouraged Jocelyn to undergo plastic surgeries to look more cat like. In 1999, Jocelyn (Catwoman) received $2.5 B as one time plus $100 mn every year for next 13 years as settlement money.

Have a look at this Beginning to Now video on Jocelyn:

3. Rupert Murdoch & Anna Murdoch Mann : $1.7 B

divorce 4

The couple allegedly divorced with $1.7 B settlement money. Image credit: Itv.com

Rupert Murdoch(84), Chairman & CEO News corp, is ranked 38 on Forbes Billionaire list with net worth of $12.7 B. Ann was his second wife and he is already divorced with his third wife Wendi. In 1998, the couple divorced with allegedly $1.7 B settlement money.


4. Bernie Ecclestone & Slavica : $1.2 B

divorce 5

The tall and the short of it: Bernie and ex-wife Slavica.
Image source: Telegraph.co.uk

Formula 1 Boss and his almost one foot taller model wife (Slavica) divorced in 2009 after having being married for 24 years. Bernie remarried third time at the age of 82 to Fabiana (35) in 2012. Unusual thing about this divorce was that Slavica post divorce paid Bernie almost $100 M a year for 5 years through her trust.

5. Harold Hamm & Sue Ann Hamm : $ 1 B (pending in court)

divorce 6

Harold Hamm and Sue Ann.
Image credit: CNBC.com

Harold Hamm is 132nd richest person in world (Forbes 2015) with net worth of $9.3 B. Harold’s net worth was almost $20 B in 2014. According to many credible media sources Sue Ann had initially rejected the $975 M check but later encashed it.

divorce 7

Big fat check.
Image credit: BusinessInsider.com

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