The Ultimate Diet Guide for Chinese New Year!

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You know, the problem with Chinese New Year is that it typically falls right at the inconvenient crossroads of 1) your holiday binge in December and 2) trying to get your figure back in time for Valentine’s Day *wink* – so we decided to help you keep tab on those calories with the Ultimate Diet Guide for Chinese New Year. Happy feasting!

Here are some all-time favourite Lunar New Year snacks, how many calories they each contain, and how much exercise an average 60kg person needs to burn it off!

Love Letters

These sweet treats are light and just oh-so-slightly sweet, and - oops! - wwe know the exact feeling of shock when we realise we've gotten to the bottom of the bottle!

1 roll: ~112 Calories, or 7 minutes of climbing stairs


Your kids probably already know what their tiny fingers are reaching out for first. Try not to let them get carried away!

1 piece: ~20 calories, or 8 minutes of playing catch

Kueh Bangkit

Don’t let these powdery, melt-in-your-mouth, seemingly low sugar cookies fool you! They might be slightly on the lower on the calorie count…until you remember they’re addictive!

1 piece: ~23 calories, or 4 minutes of aerobics

Kueh Bahulu

These crumbly little madeleine-like confections are another secretly dangerous treat. They might be light and airy, but try not to do too many at once.

1 piece: ~40 calories, or 8 minutes of kayaking



Alright, now we’re talking. This is probably the one that we can’t find fault with (except for maybe to watch out for that cough!) Here is the breakdown for your tAp-approved, best snack bet of the season:

One whole orange: ~50 calories, or 4 minutes of squash

Bak Kwa

bak kwa


We hop from one of the best to one of the worst – nutritionally, not taste-wise. Ugh, it may be delicious, but it sure is fattening!

One slice: ~229 Calories, or a full hour of cycling

Pineapple tarts

I mean, it’s got pineapples in it…it’s practically a fruit salad, right? Ummm…wrong! Pineapple tarts contain lots of sugar, butter, and other tasty things which are dreadful for you.

1 piece: ~82 calories, or 11 minutes jogging


Yu Sheng

Wait…but why is this on the list?! It actually is a salad!! Well, yes, but then oil, plum sauce and oh-so-delectable crispy crackers make the calories add up. A lot.

One 385g portion: ~560 calories, or about 1h 20 mins of badminton


Kueh Lapis

One word: YUM. Another word: Butter.

1 slice: ~160 calories, or 20 mins brisk-walking



The Ultimate Diet Guide for Chinese New Year!

Yes, they’re nuts, therefore healthy fats, etc. But watch out! We’ve all been there - firstly, they’re addictive. Secondly, they come in so many varieties that we didn’t quite include on this list! We’re watching you, you dangerous, cracker-coated confections. And you, you seaweed treats.

1 serving (200g; approx. 22 peanuts) is equivalent to: 50 calories, or 5 minutes on the treadmill


Kwachee (dried melon seeds)

The main good thing about this snack is that they’re pretty fiddly and (might) slow you down from eating the whole bag at once.

1 portion (about 100g): 258 calories, or 43 minutes of basketball


After all that’s said and done, it’s the festive season, so enjoy! Don’t let calorie-counting get in the way of quality family time and enjoyment. Instead, consume snacks in moderate amounts. Ensure that yourself and the family don’t go visiting on an empty stomach, and be sure to get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables while you’re at it.

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