The twins go to school

The twins go to school

Karen shares her children's first day of school with theAsianparent.

Starting school is such a monumental milestone in a child's life, isn't it? Never mind that it's just playgroup. In the eyes of the parents, it's their babies' first giant step out from the security of home into the big, bad world. It's the first time that they leave my side to the care of strangers. And the first time they don uniforms, schoolbags and waterbottles - combat-ready for the next 18 years in the unforgiving world of Singapore academia. It's enough to bring a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. I was waving the registration form at J and exclaiming that I just gave birth to them and now? Now they're going to school.

Preparations for school began way before the actual day. There was so much to do. Completing the paperwork. Getting their school uniforms and making sure it fits. Shopping for their school stuff. Packing their bags. I tell you, nothing makes you feel more like a M-O-T-H-E-R than being up at 3 am in the morning blearily peering at and putting tiny little stitches into the hem of their school shirt or dress so that they won't look like complete clowns when they start school. Yes, not even giving birth.

The night before, thanks to a combination of coffee and nerves, I couldn't sleep till 2 am in the morning, tired as I was. Meanwhile the three of them were tucked in bed, snoozing away like two little logs and one big log.

J took leave so that he wouldn't miss the Big Day. When it arrived, he was the one who woke everyone, made sure the babies ate their breakfast, changed into their uniforms, got their bags and hustled everyone out the door, while I followed, zombie sheep-like.

It turned out okay, the first day. Although J and I weren't expecting to be there so knee-deep in participation in the school's activities because the babies clung to us like koala bears. Standing next to their much bigger schoolmates and classmates, the twins really looked so tiny and baby-ish. Not used to the boundaries and norms of school, they were wandering around pulling books and toys off the shelves while their new friends sang the national anthem, recited the Pledge, sang and dance, much to their parents' chagrin.

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