My heart melted

My heart melted

Ling Dawn shares her child's first day of school with

My daughter, Danielle, only 27 months, went for her pre-nursery class for the first time on 1 Apr 2011. I was anxious at how she would cope. She took the school bus to school and because I had work, I could not be there with her.

However, in the morning, I was contemplating whether to drop by her school after my work, which finished at 12:15pm. I was afraid if she saw me, she would start crying and stick to me. However, I still went as I wanted to see my darling daughter and to know how she was adapting to her new friends.

Upon reaching school, I saw her holding her teacher's hands and the teacher whispered to me that she was doing fine.So I quickly left without her noticing me.

My heart melted seeing my baby girl in school. How I wish I could stay with her throughout but I know its best for me to leave. For her own good.

Entry for Child's First Day of School.

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