Kayden's big day!

Kayden's big day!

Mabel Ong shares her child's first day of school with theAsianparent.com

The day was bright and sunny, we have to wake Kayden up earlier than usual. He is excited to change into the new uniform and its his 1st time meeting new friends at his Pre-Nursery class! He happily grabbed his new Thomas & Friends water bottle and head off to school!

At the school, he was reluctant to go in to the classroom initially. There were a few kids crying for their parents and the teachers were pacifying them frantically. After much reassurance and persuassion, Kayden finally walked timidly to the back of the class and joined the rest to begin the class.

He wasn't sure what to expect but after a while, he started to blend in the new environment. He enjoyed the stories which the teachers shared, the music lessons where everyone dance merrily and the toys which offer all the kids a challenge of wits! Not to mention the recess where Kayden happily tucked in to the nice warm porridge.

Time flies when you are having fun, soon the day came to an end. All the kids are made to stand in a straight line, ready to head home! Kayden did not forget his trusty water bottle and obediently queue up behind his new friend Owen.

When Kayden saw me, he immediately ran and hugged myself. Bidding the teachers goodbye, he walks home happily hand in hand with me while sharing what happened at school.

Seeing Kayden enjoy himself so much at school brings relief to myself! Witnessing his growth is amazing and I can never get enough of him.

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