Why Some Men Cheat on Their Pregnant Wives

Why Some Men Cheat on Their Pregnant Wives

Not all men do, but some men cheat on their pregnant wives. Here we look at cheating spouses, why it happens and give you some tips on nurturing your relationship.

In recent news, we’ve been hearing many stories about celebrities and politicians who have cheated on their pregnant wives. Thankfully, it is not that common a problem that warrants you to hire a private investigator to snoop around your husband’s business just because you just are pregnant. But why do men cheat on their pregnant wives?

It is common enough that some pregnancy handbooks are mentioning it as something that “could happen.” Dr. Scott Haltzman, author of “The Secrets of Happily Married Women”, explains why some men cheat on their pregnant wives.

Why do men cheat on their pregnant wives?

“For many men, engaging in sex is a form of emotional closeness. When their partners push them away, they feel rejected not just sexually, but also emotionally,” Haltzman said – and many are apprehensive that their partner will “choose the child” over them after it is born.

Why Some Men Cheat on Their Pregnant Wives

Similar to the changes women go through when pregnant, men have their fair share of anxieties as well. | Image source: iStock

Some of the challenges men face when their wives are pregnant include fear of being left out, changes in attitude towards sex, concern and worry about the child’s safety, anxiety over their wive’s safety and anxiety over upcoming life changes. They also feel overwhelmed by the changes that are happening.

It is a common misconception that men cheat on their pregnant wives because they are repulsed by the pregnant body. But the fact is — and this is good news for us ladies — the majority of men find their wives more sexually appealing when they are pregnant than ever before.

So why do men cheat on their pregnant wives? It depends solely on the man. The bottom line is, most men who cheat on their pregnant wives would cheat whether she was pregnant or not. Her pregnancy gives them more of a false reason and makes them reckless. It also gives them a good excuse for when they get caught. Unfortunately, that makes all men look bad.

Let’s be positive, ladies! It doesn’t have to get to this. Let’s look at some ways we can nurture our relationship with our spouses throughout pregnancy.

Schedule in romance

Now’s a good time to start a weekly date night — something you’d be smart to continue after the baby’s on board. In the first few months, though, you may be taking those dates at home.

Be spontaneous

Sometimes (or better, as often as you can), for absolutely no reason at all, surprise your partner with a back hug, a weekend afternoon delight, a compliment that makes him blush or just get frisky.

Mix baby business with relationship pleasure

Follow up a trip to the baby store with dinner and a movie or go for lunch your favourite restaurant after an ultrasound appointment.

Get naughty

Why Some Men Cheat on Their Pregnant Wives

Image source: iStock

Amp up the passion! Leave him suggestive messages that he’ll find in his pocket when he reaches in for some change and that will make him think of you. (And keep on thinking of you through the day…)

Chat him up

Keep your relationship and romance first and foremost during pregnancy.

Don’t just text him 20 times a day to ask him if he’s remembered to pick up the dry cleaning or those paint samples for the nursery, text him sometimes simply to tell him you love him and that you can’t wait to see him at the end of the day.


Why Some Men Cheat on Their Pregnant Wives

Image source: iStock

Communication is key in every relationship, but it’s especially essential for couples during pregnancy.

Be sure to talk through changes instead of just letting them happen. Keep those lines of communication open even once the baby’s arrived — hearing each other over the sound of the baby crying will be especially challenging but important.

Go on a babymoon

Plan a romantic getaway before the baby is born. Just get the okay from your doctor before you hit the open skies while pregnant. Remember to pick a place with cosy beds and fabulous room service!

What would you do if your husband cheated on you? 

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