Is A Happy Ending Massage Cheating?

Is A Happy Ending Massage Cheating?

Some husbands do not think that a happy ending massage, or a massage that provides extra services constitutes cheating. Read on to find out what they have to say. After that, take our poll and tell us what you think!

A happy ending massage Singapore? We have heard of them before. These are massages that end up with the male clients paying quite a bit more for sexual services from the masseuse. It might not end in sexual intercourse (though this is subjective depending on the parties involved). Moreover, it is always commercially driven.

The question is, if your husband gets a happy ending massage, would you consider this cheating or not? 

Happy ending massage Singapore: "Health Centres" that offer a bit more? 

In some cases, your husband might request for it. Other times, he might be "pressured" into it after walking into what he thought was a legitimate massage place.

A good way to identify "health centres" that offer happy endings is by observing their clientele and range of services. Places which do not offer couple massages or only seem to have male clients are likely to be the sleazier joints. In many cases, they can look like perfectly professional places.

"Happy ending massage Singapore" is certainly not a search term you'd associate with sparkly clean Singapore. However, such "health centres" are strewn across the island in various smaller shopping centres.

Many of these establishments are even found in central areas near the commercial hub. A few hotspots to look out for are Geylang and Serangoon Road.

The grey area in happy ending massage Singapore

Some husbands who engage such masseuse do not think that these euphemistically named "extra services" are cheating for a variety of reasons.

Foremost in many men's minds is that when there is no sexual intercourse involved, it is not cheating.

Cheating, according to some men, only takes place when there is actual penetration. Otherwise "anything also can be considered cheating",  says Terence, 32, a software engineer.

Interestingly, extra service masseuse do not view themselves as actual prostitutes because the sexual act is not carried through.

Moreover, for many men, they view such extra services as a convenience. In most cases, they harbour no ill will towards their spouse, holding little to no affection for the masseuse.

One such man Derrick, 48, a sales director who is happy married with two children, reasons : "I travel often for my job. It's just to relieve stress. At least I don't find a prostitute because they might be dirty. But for those "extra service", sometimes I just need a quick fix near my workplace. Cleaner, it's fast and it gets the job done."

Despite these reasons, it is notable that neither of the men interviewed have told their wives about their "happy endings".

What do wives think?

As a wife in a committed relationship, how tenable do you find their rationale? Where do you draw the line?

Take our poll below and tell us!


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