Why Did This “The Biggest Loser Asia” Contestant Lost 54kg?

Why Did This “The Biggest Loser Asia” Contestant Lost 54kg?

Marilyn Tay has chosen the latter. The 31 year old sales assistant was recently at The Cathay to audition for The Biggest Loser Asia.

Marilyn Tay

Marilyn Tay

Thin Is In! Or so society would have you believe. Weight is just a number so why be conscious about it? But what if it interferes with you getting pregnant? Would you just sit back and throw the thought of pregnancy out of the window (why risk it?) or would you grab the first opportunity that comes by your way to help you reduce and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Marilyn Tay has chosen the latter. The 31-year-old sales assistant was recently at The Cathay to audition for The Biggest Loser Asia. This show is an Asian version of The Biggest Loser, an American reality television show that has obese contestants compete for prize money of $250,000 by losing the highest percentage of their starting body weight. The Asian version held auditions in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia for their upcoming show which will hit the small screen on November 24th. The winner will walk away with a cash prize of US$100,000.

Marilyn has been battling health issues since adolescence. She was someone who used to take part in swimming competitions in her younger days. She recalls training rigorously for one hour per day and she was her at peak during that point of time. However, after dislocating her arm twice, she felt her passion dissipating when she couldn’t keep up with her normal speed any longer. Eventually she gave up.

Marilyn Tay

By the time she hit adulthood, she had already tried losing weight numerous times. Between 2002 to 2003, Marilyn lost 30 kg by staying away from carbohydrates, having a diet rich in protein and fibre and constant exercise. However, she couldn’t keep up with this and she soon fell into depression. “I saw other bigger sized girls who were so happy and I just couldn’t understand why I had to go through so much. I just couldn’t convince myself anymore and I eventually gave up,” remembers Marilyn.

When she got married a few years back, she put on more weight, stopped dieting and exercising. Marilyn’s pillar of strength is none other than her husband, Christopher. When Marilyn went to see a gynaecologist to take some tests for pregnancy, she was told that because of her weight, she was going to have trouble conceiving.

“The doctor offered alternative methods for me to become pregnant but he warned that after the pregnancy, I would suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes for life. Nonetheless, I was prepared. But my husband did not want that. He felt that if it happened naturally, we would accept it. If it didn’t then it was not going to be a problem. He was more concerned about my health and me,” beams Marilyn. And true to that, Christopher accompanied her to the audition waiting patiently by her side.

Watching the American version on The Hallmark Channel made Marilyn wish she could be part of it. When she saw the advertisement for auditions for an Asian version, she leaped at the opportunity and hasn’t regretted it since. “An offer to lose weight equipped with a nutritionist and a trainer on board, now that’s a real deal. The prize money is just a secondary factor,” smiles Marilyn.

Marilyn has been preparing herself mentally by watching clips of the American and Australian versions of the show. Also to prepare for the challenges, she intends to lift weights, have brisk walks and build her stamina. Her goals after the programme? To be normal, healthy and even comfortable while shopping in standard clothing departments and most definitely motherhood!

theAsianparent team wishes Marilyn all the best in her endeavours.

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