Tell us, Singapore! Would you put your child on a leash?

Tell us, Singapore! Would you put your child on a leash?

A number of parents here in Asia have been spotted putting their child on a leash. Is this ethical? What's your take?

So, it seems toddler safety harnesses or using a child leash has become a rage in Asia, specifically South Korea, reports MyPaper. If you didn’t know already, a child safety harness is a safety restraint used when walking with children.

Generally used for toddlers and young kids, a child usually wears the harness and a parent or a guardian holds the end of the child leash or attaches it to their wrist.

As always, the naysayers have been quick to judge, condemning this modern parenting tactic as cruel and inhuman. Die-hard fans of the harness, though, say it gives them peace of mind, knowing their child is safe and at arm’s distance from them.

Personally, the only time I was seriously tempted to use a child leash was, when my then 2-year-old refused to hold hands whenever we crossed the road. It got me a little paranoid and I wished I could tie her up to me.

So what makes the child leash tick?

child leash


  • Sanity for parents with multiple children - For parents of more than one child, not too far apart in age, the child harness can be a boon and prevent you from going nuts.
  • More freedom of movement than the stroller - To be fair, it does give the child a better chance of moving around and flexing his muscles than being strapped onto a moving chair.
  • Keeps that hyperactive child in control - Let’s face it. Some children are super active and have no sense of danger. Dashing across the busy road, sure thing. The leash is a blessing for mothers’ of these little monsters.
  • Keeps the bad guys at bay - There are so many child predators around these days that you might actually want to tie up your child to yourself.


What the naysayers are saying about child leashing

  • Leashes are for dogs - Can’t argue with that. To be fair, your child may be yours, but he is also a human being, with his own thoughts and feelings. Quit chaining him up like an animal.
  • Stop over-controlling your child - Abusive use of the leash may lead to the child losing his sense of independence. He might lose the confidence to perform tasks or venture out on his own.
  • It’s embarrassing your child - People, especially other children, are often known to laugh at kids on leashes. So chances are, your child might carry some unpleasant memories of his childhood along the way.
  • You are a lazy parent - So, apparently you are too lazy to run after your toddler, or hold his hands. You would rather tie him up and check your Facebook newsfeed instead. Agree?

So tell us dear readers, what’s your take? Would you use a child leash ?

(Source: MyPaper)

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