Poll: Will you use a harness on your kid?

Poll: Will you use a harness on your kid?

There have been many alleged kidnap attempts in Singapore. The alarm is raised and we are alerted to the very real issue at hand. Question is how far you’d go to be absolutely safe—will you put your baby on a leash-looking harness?

A mum sent out an email to parents, urgently requesting that they put their kids on a harness. Here’s an excerpt of the email sent out:

Poll: Will you use a harness on your kid?Hi, please help to send a message to all parents out there:

Due to recent increasing reports of child kidnapping in Singapore, I feel that there is a need to suggest that parents should consider adopting the idea of using a child leash on their kids to ensure safety and to prevent strangers from taking away your child when you are not noticing for even a second. Using a child leash doesn’t mean you treat them like an animal.


I understand how hard it can be for parents to pay 100% attention to their child when they are outside or when they are alone with them, so using a child leash under such circumstances is definitely necessary.


Would you rather people look at you weirdly but understand you might have your own reasons for doing this or would you rather risk your child being kidnapped? You can never imagine what could happen to your child when they fall into the arms of these evil-doers. The recent kidnapping reports are good enough a reason for parents to start using child leash on their children. Don’t become complacent, our children is more precious than anything else.


Here’s what our readers have to say…

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We gathered what you have to say on our Facebook page. Here’s some of your invaluable feedback.

Masuitah N Hazimah: For me Yes i do put on harness for my girl…better play safe than sorry.

Pinky Aries: I just bought one also with a small bag, cos my ger like to play hide n seek at shopping ;(

Liz Mora: Yup! Dun care wat others are gonna say.

Sherry Koh: It beats losing your child forever, no mothers can live properly after that!Let’s gv the mom a smile n thumbs up sign when u see her child in a harness. Stop the stare and ‘aiyoh’ face!

Evita Saru Ginting: Harness or leash doesn’t really look proper to me. I will only bring my son out when me & my husband can go. So one person can look after my son while others doing the shopping or other things. Tired of chasing him here & there of course but at least it give him freedom.

Pauline Jonathan: I won’t even mind using a leash if there’s no harness around.

May Chan: Without a doubt, a harness for my active boy. Whether there’s kidnaping or not, my son life is my responsibility. I couldn’t be bother what other say!

GeraWil Tang: Yes, where to buy a harness/leash? I can’t find in ntuc n malls ….. Any online sellers???

Joey Huang: Gerawil- u can try this online seller called joli petite or u can get from kiddy palace. The online seller is selling Mickey mouse, Minnie mouse, Winnie the pooh and emo harness. Actually I also never like the idea of leash a kid. But becos of the kidnap case then got to get one.

Mandy Amaris Law: For their safety and to protect my child, yes..i would use a harness and i wouldnt care wat others think..its none of their biz anyway.

Arsane Hamid: Leash is better than losing them especially if they are not only killed but even burnt..is that act even human’s..

Vian Hassan: Yes me too…..people keep om staring at me when they saw me leashing my son in shopping mall n they keep on shaking their head n start giving negative comment on my behaviour but do u think i care at first yes im not comfortable with tht but after seeing so many kidnapping cases in the news i dont give a damn what they said my son is my precious i will not forgive myself if anythg happen to him.

Christine Kang: Same here! With the recent cases, I went ahead to get for my kids, especially when we overseas or crowded areas. Got mine from mothercare. I rather have pple whispering behind my back or give me weird stares than lose my kids forever.



Now, tell us, would you put your little angel on a leash/harness? Or do you think it is inhumane. Take part in the poll below…

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Felicia Chin

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