Teen Speak--The meaning behind all those letters

Teen Speak--The meaning behind all those letters

Texting, Twittering, IM-ing…but what in the heck do all those letters mean? Many are completely innocent, but others are far from innocent. Do you know what your teen is saying in their daily communications with their peers? Well...it is time to find out!

Teen Speak--The meaning behind all those letters

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Many of these acronyms are meant to keep parents out of the loop; to keep their actions and whereabouts a secret.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this isn’t a good idea. There is nothing wrong with giving your teen a certain degree of privacy–we all need and crave it. But there is a difference between privacy and secrecy.

Texting lingo

The following acronyms and their meanings will help you decipher what your teens are saying about you, themselves and their friends.

121                              A private conversation one to one
143                             I love you
1432                          I love you, too
182                              I hate you
20                              Location
2MI                           Too much information
420                            Let’s get high
555                            Crying/sobbing
6Y                              Sexy
9                                 Parent is watching
ACC                            Anyone can come or Available on cell
B9:                              Boss is watching
BAS                            Big ass smile
BFD                           Big freaking deal
BIH                            Burn in hell
BIOYA                      Blow it out your ass
BRBB                        Be right back b—-
BTYCL                      Booty call
CSL                            Can’t stop laughing
D46?                          Down for sex?
DKDC                        Don’t know don’t care
DM                              Do me (this means the person is going to be themselves)
E                                  Ecstasy
ESAD                         Eat s—- and die
EWI                            Emailing while intoxicated
EZ                                Easy
FU                                I think you know this one already
GAFC                         Get a f-ing clue
GAL                            Get a life
H&K                           Hugs and kisses
IB                                 I’m back
IDK                             I don’t know
IGDT                          I got drunk tonight
IGHT                          I got high tonight
IGLT                           I got laid tonight
JK                                Just kidding
KMA                           Kiss my ass
KPC                            Keeping parents clueless
LGH                           Let’s get high
LH6                            Let’s have sex
LMFAO                     Laughing my f—– ass off
MIRL                         Meet in real life
MOS                          Mother over shoulder
P911                           Parents coming into room alert
PAW                          Parents are watching
PYT                            Pretty young thing
ROFLMFAO           Rolling on the floor laughing my f—ing ass off
SorG                          Straight or gay?
TD2M                        Talk dirty to me
YBS                            You’ll be sorry

Slang language

Texting lingo isn’t the only language your teen is speaking. Just like we had our words; ‘ace’, ‘bangin’, ‘bite me’, bohunk’, ‘boss’, ‘ditz’…your teens have slang words they use, too. Our parents couldn’t make sense of what we were talking about, you probably feel the same way when you hear some of the things that come out of your teen’s mouth. Chill out (relax). The mini dictionary that follows should help.

LIKE BUTTER           Smooth and easy                          That test was smooth like butter.

BOUNCE                     Leave                                               I gotta bounce.

CHILLAXIN               Relaxing, taking it easy               We’re just chillaxin and watching a movie.

CRAY CRAY               Crazy and not cool                        That teacher is cray cray!

FO SHO                       For sure                                           I’ll be at the game fo sho.

HATERADE              Negative talk                                   Don’t be all haterade about him.

SWAGG                      Cool or looking nice                      He’s got his swagg on tonight.

FLY                            Pretty or good looking                    She’s lookin’ fly in the dress.

CO-PILOT                Won’t get high while you do         Will you be my co-pilot at the party?

Knowing what your teen is talking about will give you more insight as to what they are doing in their spare time and who they are doing it with. But remember…knowing what they are saying doesn’t give you license to talk like they do. Besides…you don’t want to give away all your parental ‘trade secrets’. Sometimes it’s better to keep them guessing.

Darla Noble has been married to her childhood sweetheart, John, for 32 years. They are the parents of 4 beautiful children, an equally beautiful daughter-in-law, three son in-laws, 2 perfect granddaughters and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2 more grandchildren in the next few months. Darla, who has 25 years of experience, is passionate about her writing; mainly focusing on parenting/family issues, women’s interest, inspirational storytelling and writing to, for and about teenagers. Darla has also spent 20 years speaking to women and teens-inspiring them to live a life of love, faith, passion, wit and wisdom.


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