Be your teen’s best friend

Be your teen’s best friend

Teenage years might just be a parent’s biggest challenge. It is known that 90% of teens are the hardest to control when hormones are raging. Let’s not forget their choice of peers at school and the ‘growing up’ process.

How to be your teens best friendBest pal
Every teenager needs an experienced best friend-- someone who will not judge, someone they can trust and feel safe with. They need to feel secure although a mistake was made. They need to know their parents will not get mad with the way there are exploring the world.In short, they need their parents to be their best friends. Someone they can get legal permission from to do certain things and someone they can talk to and tell everything to without having to worry about anything.
Tolerate their mood swings
Asian parents are known to set huge boundaries with their children – it is one of the main reasons children do bad things behind their parents’ back anyway. The moment you see your kid changing physically and mentally (such as mood swings) it also means it’s time to guide them closely through their teenage years.Never be afraid to start a conversation about teenagehood. It is only natural that teens won’t approach parents to talk about growing up. But deep down, they do want their parents to know everything about them. They seek a mother’s consoling love and a dad’s attention--albeit stern.

The hardest topic to talk to your kids about is sex. Never tell them not to do it --but never tell them to do it either. It’s simple. Do not lie to your kids about sex, as they have probably done their own research due to curiosity.

Talk them out of sex by topping the cake with sweet cherries such as the importance of their studies and working hard for a bright future. Most importantly, tell them the consequences of unprotected sex and the risk of protected sex as well. Remember, don’t order them around but guide them instead.

Share your own stories
Almost every kid wonders about his or her parent’s teenage years. Were they as awkward, or as horny or as rebellious. They want to know how they can relate to their parents. The better and the more interesting your stories are, the more they can relate to you. They will be proud to have a ‘cool’ dad or mom.

Don’t tell them bad stories and be a bad influence but if you could turn a bad story into a joke and an encouraging life lesson for them, do it. It is a plus point if they really enjoy your childhood stories.

Communication and guidance
It is only natural for teens to face issues in friendship, relationships and deciding about their future-- as this the time they start exploring the real world. Communication is the primary key to guiding your kids towards the right direction.

Teenagers are often afraid of the outside world. It might seem like all they care about is love and relationships but that’s usually not the case. They are often worried about their future and lost on what they want to do in life. Although they will never show it, what they really need is “you” standing right beside them as their best friend. So be that best friend.

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