Tears, laughter and lots of foot tapping at Cinderella - A Fairly True Story       

Tears, laughter and lots of foot tapping at Cinderella - A Fairly True Story       

Cinderella – A Fairly True Story is a new and refreshing take on the traditional tale. It will have you and your little ones laughing, crying and dancing! Catch it now at Resorts World Theatre.

It is my daughter’s absolute favourite fairy tale. So when we found out that Cinderella – A Fairly True Story was going to be in town, I just had to get the tickets.

We have seen any and everything to do with Cinderella – right from the classic Disney animated versions, to various contemporary Hollywood takes on the story, right down to the latest film version of the fairy tale.

So I was not looking to be surprised by this latest production, I was just hoping to be entertained. After all, I was doing this for my six-year-old who would not have forgiven me, if I did not take her to see it.

All I can say is, I am glad I bought those tickets. Not just my daughter, but I too was blown away by the immensely talented cast and production team of Cinderella – A Fairly True Story, which is currently showing at the Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa.

Cinderella - A Fairly True Story

 A refreshing new take

This joint production by Music Hall from Belgium and Resorts World Sentosa (the team that brought us the amazing Peter Pan last year) tells us Cinderella’s story through the eyes of an inquisitive journalist who has been following her life since the death of her mother.

The reporter, played brilliantly by Belgian actor and ballet star, Nordin de Moor,  thoroughly documents the rising and falling fortunes of Cinderella’s family (innovatively told through screen projections of larger than life newspaper front pages).

He encourages Cinderella (who is played by the gorgeous Charlotte Campion) to take control of her own destiny and happiness by taking matters into her own hands. She follows his leads, when she fights for her right to go to the ball and put on the glass slipper at the end. This Cinderella is no whimpering woman, lamenting her woes - she stands up for herself and fights for what is rightfully hers.

Cinderella - A Fairly True Story

Stunning sets transport you to a magical land

Despite the fairly, true nature of this story – it has lost none of the magic our little ones love. Using a mix of old-fashion sets, props, and hi-tech digital backdrops the production momentarily does transport you into Cinderella’s world.

Whether is the deep dark woods, the grand palace ballroom or Cinderella's home – you feel you are really there, watching these characters live out their lives.

Our favourite moment? Oh the transformation of the pumpkin into the magical, gleaming carriage of course. I was wondering how they would accomplish this, but I have to say they pull it off brilliantly. My little girl was up on her feet clapping with delight when the carriage appeared!

Cinderella - A Fairly True Story

Lots of laughing and foot tapping

Two other aspects that set Cinderella – A Fairly True Story apart from other productions of the fairy tale, is the comedy that is brilliantly woven through the entire story and the use of pop and rock music.

The two step sisters – Distressa (played by Saartje Van Houtte) and Grimella (Played by Dorien Schrijnemakers) have brilliant comic timing and the kids in the audience were in splits watching they fumble their way through the production.

The other character who elicited much laughter is actually a new one – Aunty Nanny (played by Wanda Joosten) who is the caretaker of the Prince (played by Caleb Vines). The interesting thing was that in this production, the Prince is no swashbuckling savoiur but more of a man who is bored with his riches and looking for meaningful love. He is introduced to us not while on a rescue mission but being woken up by Aunt Nanny and a row of liveried servants.

The production had us laughing and foot tapping in turns. The music is brilliant and includes popular songs such as “I gotta feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas and Bryan Adam’s “Everything I do, I do it for you.”

Together, the sets, the special effects, the music and the comedy make Cinderella – A Fairly True Story, an extremely entertaining show for the entire family. My daughter and I both enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, we may be back for another showing soon!

When: The show runs until 4 January 2016, Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays through Mondays at 2pm and 7pm.

Where: Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

Tickets: Tickets are available through SISTIC and priced at S$78, S$108, S$138 and S$168 (premium); the prices are exclusive of SISTIC booking fees and handling charges.

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Written by

Sumati Nagrath

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