Ashputtel ‘The Story of Cinderella’ --A review

Ashputtel ‘The Story of Cinderella’ --A review

Now playing at the Alliance Francaise Theatre is the musical production “Ashputtel – The Story of Cinderella”, a story based on the 200 year-old Brother’s Grimm folktale. Ashputtel – The Story of Cinderella, follows the classic Grimm folktale of girl meets prince, prince falls in love, and both live happily ever after. The production is full of music and song, drama, adventure and comedy – fun for ages “3-103”. Read SuperMommy's review here...

Ashputtel ‘The Story of Cinderella’ --A review

This story of Ashputtel (a girl that slept by ashes), has many similarities to Disney’s Cinderella (a girl that slept cinders), a story that all of us love and know so well.  Since Ashputtel is also a Cinderella story, it shares many of the same characters and story as Disney’s Cinderella and children are easily able to identify and follow along.

Ashputtel has all your basic characters: step-sisters, step-mother, beautiful girl and prince.  However, Ashputtel is based on the original Grimm folktale of Cinderella, so don’t be misled into thinking that it will be just like Disney’s adaptation of the Cinderella story that you and your children are so accustomed to.  There is no fairy godmother in this story - Ashputtel turns to her mother’s spirit for guidance, which is portrayed play by using white doves.  Also, in this story, the father is still alive, but is constantly being sent away on tasks by the step-mother so he is not there to look after Ashputtel.

Additionally, like the original Grimm’s Cinderella folktale, the step-sisters cut off parts of their foot to fit into Ashputtel’s shoe, so that they can marry the Prince.   The cutting of the toe/heel was done in a comical manner, but some kids were scared of the big knife.  They also seemed confused since this is not in Disney’s Cinderella version.  My 3 year old son on the other hand was amused by the knife and went home and reenacted the scene for his daddy using his toy kitchen knife.  Each child will react differently, but it is good to know what to expect before you go to watch the show.
Would SuperMommy recommend Ashputtel:  Yes! I was pleasantly surprised with the Ashputtel musical production of Cinderella.  It was entertaining for both adults and kids alike, unlike some of the other kid’s productions I recently attended, I truly enjoyed myself. This production felt like a mixture of Disney’s Cinderella meets Aladdin (two of my favorite stories).  It was an engaging and witty script (with hints of sarcasm for the adults).  My son enjoyed the singing and dancing, and of course the classic happy ending.  I loved the original songs and dancing.  Instead of having just one ball, there were there “festivals” with different themes - masquerade, disco and Bollywood.  However, just to avoid confusion (and disappointment) make sure you tell your kids this is a story “similar” to Disney’s Cinderella, but it is not Disney – this is the original Brother’s Grimm version.

Extra Helpful Notes:

If you are driving, make sure to get there early.  The Alliance Francaise Theatre does not have parking.  You need to park at the Prudential at Scotts or at Balmoral Plaza.  Also, make sure you bring a light sweater for your child or a small blanket, it can get cold inside the theatre.

Ashputtel’s – A Cinderella Story production will be in Singapore until November 17th, 2012 at the Alliance Francaise Theatre.  The show is 50 minutes long with no interval.  Tickets are still available for Ashputtel and can be purchased from Sistic.  So get your tickets soon before they sell out!

Ashputtel : The story of Cinderella show dates and times

25 October to 17 November 2012

Venue: Alliance Française Theatre

Time: Tue & Fri, 9.30am & 11.30am

Wed, 11.30am & 2.30pm

Thu, 9.30am, 11.30am & 2.30pm

Sat, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Sun, 11.30am & 5pm

Ticket Prices:

Standard – $28.00

Family package of 4 -$106.40

Family Package of 5 – $126.00

Book your tickets now here at Sistic

Ashputtel ‘The Story of Cinderella’ --A review

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