Toddler's swollen penis with discharge

Toddler's swollen penis with discharge

One of our Mums approached us as she was concerned over her son's condition. Find out the replies and advice here.

Advice regarding my son

Advice regarding my son

Mum Needs Help: My son is coming 4yrs old this sept. The inside of his penis is swollen with white substance. Doc says he doesn’t know if its dead skin or dried pus. What should I do? My kid says its painful, medication helps a lil, but its still reddish. it’s been abt 2weeks. Is it his skin peeling? Can anyone help?


Sherry Chavez: see another doctor for second opinion.

Sharon Tan: this is ridiculous! how come doc dunno? go to specialist who major in this…ur boy shld not suffer like this.

Selina Zainal Abidin:
Go to a specialist! Quick! Poor boy

Mohd Tariq Salman: consult a paediatric surgeon

Fannie Teo: See a urologist to get his condition diagnose. Might be an infection and don’t delay further!

Jenice Tai: Wash it off and try to apply some yoghurt or Aloe Vera gel. Bring him to a pediatrician. He might need antibiotics if its an infection.

Fred Pui: leave this doctor and find a better one

Zara Apdan:
Pls do not delay, ur son is in pain. go consult a PD who will give referral to a hospital. Or just straight away go to KK Hospital. Geesh.

Lin Ling Goh: Go hospital. My nephew was seen by a surgeon in kkh. Water in testes. Did a day surgery to remove the wAter. They shld be able to tell if specialist.

MatchaTea Stefanie Pang: so pitiful.. he might hv to get a minor surgery to remove his fore skin.. my brother had this similar prob when he was even younger than ur son then

Yvonne Ho:
Try Novena Medical centre PD #09-02

Shirley Cai: Or I can bring ur son to c Dr Cheah SL @ gleneagles, specialises in urology for the infant/ children.

Yvonne Choo: My son had that before . My gp gave him the pp wash done purple color solution. It works. You have to pull back the fore skin and clean with water every time he takes his shower.

Joy Bea Lee: Is it the inside or the ‘ outside ‘ of the penis ? My boy used to have a similar ‘problem’. We brought him once to his paediatrician. And another instance to the kk hospital. Both times it was just dead skin or just some ‘ dirt’ that got stuck at the foreskin. W bit of infection. Best thing to do : bring him to kk children emergency. Clean his penis everytime he bathe w water, by pulling the foreskin down.

Gypsy Rose: hmm, maybe for kids with extra “folds” where dirt accumulate easily, it might be better to circumcise.

Di Bustamante: What kind of laundry soap are you using?

Vanessa Lam: I agree with Yvonne Choo.. my son had it before too .. it’s very common … no need to circumcise or any op.. Just a GP who have general experience in this will be able to clean .. The procedure is same as Ms. Choo mentioned .. My GP only used water and so far just need did only once

Christine Lee: Please bring your son to the specialist. You can consult pediatrician and from there he/she might refer him to urologist if needed. Please, please act on it immediately.


Yvonne Tan: 2 wks a bit too long liao le, n y ur doc so blur one dunno tis or tt?! y u stil haven bring him to c a pediatrician? My boy comin 4, had tis prob tis yr. his inside penis bit swollen w brownish discharge, doc ck inside got pus. given medi to wash n cream to apply, recovered in few days. Mus take care of him…

Klick A Gift: my son had something like that before n the doctor/paeditrician told me it is a growth, i got the scare of my life, brought him to a friend/urologist and later a paeditrician surgeon end up it is some type of liquid forgetten what it call, thus it is important for u to bring him to another doctor faster for a different opinion as a doctor/specialist definately known the difference of dead skin and pus mah…. how come ur doctor dun know…


Doc Dana E Srither: Is your child able to pee without pain? That is important. The white stuff can be pearly penile papules. Totally benign. Your child may say it is painful because of the constant questioning?

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