Support Groups For Women in Singapore: Motherhood, Careers And Beyond

Support Groups For Women in Singapore: Motherhood, Careers And Beyond

These groups provide workshops for women, 1 to 1 mentorship programmes and the platform to share your woes, while growing together with like-minded women.

Every mum’s motherhood journey is unique and like no other—just like fingerprints. If you did not know, fingerprints remain from the time you are born until death. Likewise, once she has become a mother, she will always be connected to her child, no matter where he or she is. support groups for women in Singapore

However, before being a mother, she is but first, a woman.

As she navigates through the waters of motherhood, there are times when she might see the lines being blurred between being a mother, and of her own identity. She might be overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a new mum to the uncertainty of re-entering the workforce after her baby came along, among other situations of adversity in motherhood.

Positive Support Groups for Women in Singapore

For one, she could use some support and understanding from like-minded individuals on a similar journey. The creation of women or mum support groups are perfect examples to help influence fellow women and empower them, especially with the ever-changing social scenario in Singapore.

In the rest of the article, we have listed some women support groups in Singapore that provide networking and contacts to helping women solve problems which range from motherhood to business start-ups. 

We hope you find a group that resonates with what you are looking to be connected with. Mums and mums-to-be, know that you are not alone.

1. New Mothers’ Support Group – Singapore

Support Groups For Women in Singapore: Motherhood, Careers And Beyond

Photo: New Mothers’ Support Group website

Established 20 years ago, the New Mothers’ Support Group (NMSG) was formed to support expectant and new mothers (and dads). Motherhood being a life-changer for most women, this group extends to workshops, talks and events related to motherhood in Singapore.

Any mum (or dad) with a child below 5 years of age can be a member.

2. Young Mothers Of Singapore (YMS)

Support Groups For Women in Singapore: Motherhood, Careers And Beyond

Photo: Young Mothers of Singapore

Founded by Renny Rahman in 2015, Young Mothers of Singapore (YMS) is a community for women to educate and empower fellow women. Whether you are a mother, planning to become a mother, or a mother who is young at heart, YMS provides a safe space to help women navigate modern challenges and better juggle work and family. 

With over 7,000 members to date, YMS also helps mothers overcome any potential discrimination at the workplace as well as ease the transition into the workforce after a hiatus. You can apply as a member if you are a female resident in Singapore, as a mum or mum-to-be.


support groups for women in Singapore

Photo: CRIB’s website

As the name suggests, CRIB is a hub for women who are seeking to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, in a safe and supportive environment.

This non-profit social enterprise was founded with the aim of generating positive social impact with the aim to help women and mums achieve work-life balance. It holds a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and members are paired with complementary partners to start a business. There is also a forum that gives advice and support through its network. 

4. The Busy Woman Project

support groups for women in Singapore

One of the many support groups for women in Singapore that strives hard together and help each other grow. | Photo: thebusywomanproject / Instagram

The modern woman wears multiple hats today, from being a mum to striving for her career, among other endeavours she might have. Her multi-dimensional life demands extra stamina and energy. It does not help that sometimes, she tends to overlook self-care.

And this is what The Busy Woman Project aims to tackle: to bring women’s health, both physical and mental, to the forefront. Through talks and support, this group helps to build resilience in women to fight stress, loneliness and burnout.

5. Wonderful Wholesome Women (W3)

Support Groups For Women in Singapore: Motherhood, Careers And Beyond

Photo: Wonderful Wholesome Women (W3) page

Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, entrepreneur, single and happy or a woman experiencing mid-life crisis, this is the group for you to expand your social circle and develop meaningful friendships. 

From charity drives, festive celebrations to even yummy food explorations, look forward to building your own connections at the activities hosted at Wonderful Wholesome Women.

6. East Coast Mums Support Group

Support Groups For Women in Singapore: Motherhood, Careers And Beyond

Photo: East Coast Mums support group

Mums and mums-to-be can get together, build a support system and form treasured friendships via this group that has close to 30,000 members, across 7 groups under this main umbrella.

From mums’ support group, jobs for mums, mumpreneur to property news and east coast events, get access to a wide variety of resources: from advice on motherhood, parenting to finding inspiration on where to take the kids out!

7. Business Women Network

This platform provides budding women entrepreneurs to explore their passion in a healthy atmosphere.

She can network, learn, build and scale her business alongside other women bosses through a series of brainstorming sessions, connecting through carefully planned workshops, monthly network meetings to even 1-to-1 mentor partnerships. 

8. Prime Time Business and Professional Women’s Association

Support Groups For Women in Singapore: Motherhood, Careers And Beyond

Photo: Prime Time Business and Professional Women’s Association’s website

A platform to improve the community with innovative ideas and leadership skills, this is a volunteer-run group of professional women. It is diverse, in both members as well as the activities that are run. You will find women from different communities, professions and nationalities bonding over discussions, networking options and social gatherings.

9. [email protected] Singapore

support groups for women in Singapore

Photo: / Instagram

Established in 2010, [email protected] is a genuine and dedicated women network aimed at supporting existing Mumpreneurs and Mumpreneurs-to-be. It is all about real sharing, learning and growing in the expertise of running a business and managing a family. Who says you have to choose either one? 

Start-up workshops, bi-monthly networking teas that features a professional speaker, large-scale nation-wide events such as Mama’s Bazaar and Singapore Mumpreneur of the Year Award are some of the exciting things to look forward to. And for mums who are seeking for a job, [email protected] also features job listings.

10. SheSays SG

The Singaporean branch of the global non-profit organisation is a free platform for women across a variety of industries: creative, communications, technology, digital, just to name a few. Founded in London more than a decade ago, it provides an opportunity for every member to have a say and be empowered.

With panel events, networking and mentorship opportunities, ladies here can discuss about their careers, any issues they might be facing and the like.

11. Lean In

LeanIn.Org was founded by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, to empower all women to achieve their ambitions.

Encouraging extraordinary women in Singapore to ‘Lean In’, this is a platform that allows you to be a supportive ally to other women and get the same backing in return. Be a mentor or be mentored—find your own tribe of women leaders who have set to achieve their personal goals here. 

12. Mindful Mums

A deeper self-understanding is what this group hopes to help mums achieve. Mindful Mums prides itself on supportive listening and sharing: a platform where mothers can discuss their troubles and get advice on self-compassion to loss of identity and bonding with the child and cope with the stress of motherhood. 

With this social and professional support network, connect with other mothers without fear of judgement and get access to carefully chosen healthcare providers.

13. The Codette Project

support groups for women in Singapore

Photo: The Codette Project’s website

Aiming at breaking the gender gap in the tech world, this group of minority women is transforming the field of technology. It is working at creating awareness about possibilities for minority women, including muslim women through social media and technology.

The workshop and meet-up sessions provide participants with a safe space to broaden their perspectives and explore their passions. 

Women support groups are made to empower fellow women and help her achieve a balance in both family and career. In moments of uncertainty, they seek to uplift her and guide a light to pave the way. She gets to socialise with like-minded individuals while gaining expertise in her area of passion in a safe and open environment. And above all else, these groups allow you to freely embrace who you are. 

Support Groups For Women in Singapore: Motherhood, Careers And Beyond

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