Super fun things to do these March holidays for every day of the week!

Super fun things to do these March holidays for every day of the week!

March holidays are here, and the kids are looking at you expectantly to amuse can be a little tough thinking up school holiday activities! But we've got you covered with a handy list of ideas to take inspiration from, for every day of the week!

Monday: Craft Day

The idea of clean-up may be a daunting one over a short weekend, but just maybe it’ll seem less of a hassle when you have all week? Make it a competition on who can come up with the best painting or item, or put your heads together to come up with a family masterpiece to frame up!

What you’ll need: Anything you can get your hands on! If you’re worried about a mess, try use materials like watercolours, colour pencils, and glue sticks with coloured paper so that it’ll be easy to come off.

Where to go: Somewhere with a wide open area of flooring…or even a nearby void deck!

Don’t forget: LOADS of old newspapers…so clean up won’t even be as bad as you might expect.

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Tuesday: Baking Day

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If you ever made cookies as a kid you’ll know you shouldn’t ever deprive your own little one of the joys of getting covered, head to toe, in sticky, sweet dough.

What you’ll need: Refer to these recipes for no-bake desserts, or simple cookies you can enjoy making with the whole family.

Where to go: Your kitchen is your oyster!

Don’t forget: To watch the kids if they’re handling anything hot!


Wednesday: Movie Day

Your little ones have worked hard all term, and one day of snuggles with their favourite movies is going to be the perfect treat!

What you’ll need: Blankets, pillows, a selection of movies (or just Netflix) and a mixture of healthy and oh-so-sinful snacks

Where to go: Your living room!

Don’t forget: To plan short breaks so you can all rest your eyes!


Thursday: Picnic Day

Super fun things to do these March holidays for every day of the week!

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The weather this month has been great, so you might as well take it outside! Plan a fancy picnic with the family.

What you’ll need: Pack some picnic mats or a foldable table, some sippy cups and plates, and of course, a picnic basket! Involve your little chefs in putting together lunch or tea

Where to go: Marina Barrage, East Coast Park, West Coast Park, Botanical Gardens

Don’t forget: Plenty of water, sunblock, mosquito patches, and maybe even a kite!


Friday:  Games Day

Autism games school holiday activities

Go old-school with and share some of your favourite board games with the family.

What you’ll need: Board and card games of your choice – or read this list for inspiration!

Where to go: If you have the necessary items, then you can spend the day at home. Alternatively, there are cafés like Settler’s Café and the Mind Café where you can spend hours and hours, with everything at your fingertips.

Don’t forget: If you’re out, this is also a great opportunity to pick up “cheat codes” – make a note of which games your little masterminds enjoy the most, so you have some ideas when you next go birthday shopping!


Saturday: “Edu-tainment” Centre Day

What better way to wrap up the holidays and get the kids back in the mood for school with some educational thrills with these exciting activity centres? Who said learning couldn’t be fun!

What you’ll need: Yourselves!

Where to go: Singapore Science Centre, KidSTOPKidzania, and the ArtScience museum all have exciting, interactive and educational activities for the kids!

Don’t forget: To maximise the experience by making them write down the fun things they learnt!


Sunday: Duh…Sun-day!

Let the kids have one last round of fun in the sun before they hit the shade of classrooms again!

What you’ll need: Basically, lots of sunblock, and some snacks in case the little ones get hungry!

Where to go: So many options! If you like water, Adventure Cove @ Sentosa, the newly revamped Wild Wild Wet or the Jurong East Water Theme Park are all great fun. Alternatively, hit Lazarus Island for a nice, secluded beach!

If you’re looking to stay dry, then you have everything from the Singapore Zoo, to lying down in one of the parks doing some cloud-watching!

Don’t forget: There might be deals for many events and activities over the March holidays, so be sure to check them before you book!

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So there you have it! What’s your favourite day of the week? Share with us what you’re going to do with the family this week in the comments section below!

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