How To Study Like A Harvard Student: Tips By Amy Chua's Daughter

How To Study Like A Harvard Student: Tips By Amy Chua's Daughter

Need to inject some motivation in your child? Read this!

What do you consider as actually “studying”? Your child could be locked in the room for hours and you think it would work? On the surface, they might be spending a lot of time “studying”. But in reality, they could be just stuck, unmotivated and taking more breaks than they probably should. If you’re looking to find out how your kids could study to get effective results, look out below for some useful tips from the daughter of Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, on how to study like a Harvard student.

Who Is Amy Chua the ‘Tiger Mom’?

study like a harvard student

“Tiger Mom” Amy Chua (left) and her two daughters, Lulu and Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld (L-R) | Picture: Facebook/Amy Chua

If you don’t already know who Amy Chua is, she is famous for her controversial “Tiger Mom” parenting tactics. 

Her controversial third book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, is a bestselling book published in 2011 where she documents and sheds light on how she raised her daughters, Sophia and Lulu Chua-Rubenfeld.

The Yale Law School professor and author uses a strict, traditional “Chinese” upbringing on Sophia and Lulu — it is a parenting technique meant to push children to be as academically successful as possible. Hence, the label of “Tiger Mom”. 

A Harvard Graduate at Last

Apparently, Chua’s parenting tactic worked to her favour as both daughters ended up as accomplished  Harvard graduates.  

study like a harvard student

The moment all parents await. | Picture: Facebook/Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld

In 2015, Sophia graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Harvard University. She also completed a Juris Doctor program at Yale University recently.

study like a harvard student

Sophia, who completed her Juris Doctor program at Yale University, with her parents | Picture: Facebook/Amy Chua

study like a harvard student

All smiles at the Yale Law School | Picture: Facebook/Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld

She has even created a 26-step article on how to study like a Harvard student. First published on her private blog, it has recently surfaced on Tumblr.

Perhaps, mums and dads, you’ll be able to help your child by sharing some of these tips with them, especially when they grow older. But as much as it’s good to start early, ensure that your child is learning healthily, and not just for the sake of paper chasing. 

Study Like a Harvard Student: Study Tips by Sophia Chua-Rubenfield

We all want our kids to do well. And who better to get tips from than the daughter of the original Tiger Mum herself? Whether your child is sitting for their PSLEs this year, or even a bit older, these tips will definitely help set them on a path of success. 

study like a harvard student

Sophia provides some useful tips to study like a Harvard student that we can all learn from. | Picture: Facebook/Amy Chua

We have picked out relevant tips that cater to your children, especially if they are in the Secondary school level. 

Here you go!

  • Pick subject combinations that actually spark your interest. For example, choose Literature instead of Humanities, or Biology over Chemistry — depending on what your school offers. You don’t want to drag your heels for the entire year or longer on subjects you don’t particularly enjoy.
  • You don’t have to bury yourself in books/assignments all day. The key is to study smart. Pick out the essence of what you are learning. The rest will follow.
  • Don’t go through the motions of studying, take pride in what you’re learning. Build it up, little by little.
  • Don’t whine about things, just do it.
  • Write things down by hand — it’ll help you remember things better.
  • Attend your classes. It’s better to pay attention in class than vigorously revise later on. You will absorb the information better when you actually listen from the start.
  • Do different things every day. Read a chapter of the textbook or do half a set of practice papers. Don’t set a goal you know probably won’t happen e.g. “I’m going to read as much as I possibly can…” 
  • Don’t copy anyone else’s work.
  • Read as much as you can. It’s helpful in many ways and makes you seem intelligent! 
  • Do all the practice questions. 
  • If you don’t understand something, it’ll definitely be on the exam. Google is your best friend; ask your teachers; go through your textbook.
  • To memorise effectively, reading through your notes repeatedly won’t work. Say them out loud and write it down.
  • Explain concepts or what you understand to your friends; get them to test you and vice versa. 

What is your go-to tactic — if you have one — while raising your children to be successful in their studies?


Source: Tumblr

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