10 Memory Techniques For Studying Without Extra Cramming

10 Memory Techniques For Studying Without Extra Cramming

Ditch last minute studying by implementing these tips!

It’s not easy cramming more than 10 subjects into one whole semester in school. How do you do it without a brain like Einstein’s? Here are 10 memory techniques for study to help your child…

1. Jot down important points

10 Memory Techniques For Studying Without Extra Cramming

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Make short notes (in point form) on exercise books. Use only important keywords and not long-winded sentences. Organize and highlight notes according to topics and chapters to remember the work better.

2. Use visual images

Substitute words with visual images. This technique is best used for information that is hard to grasp in text formats, such as Geography and science subjects. Your kids should paint a picture in their head while studying Geography. That visual image is bound to stay for as long as their brain can work. Do the same for science subjects such as Physics and Biology.

3. Read aloud to each other

10 Memory Techniques For Studying Without Extra Cramming

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When they don’t understand a subject, get them to read it out loud. The other technique is to get the teachers to explain the topics thoroughly. The description will definitely paint an image in their minds.

4. Relate topics to current events

They might come across certain topics that could be related to true events. Especially for Geography, History and general Science subjects — it’s easier to relate them to something that happened in life, or something that happened in the news recently.

5. Present to your friends

Get your kids to sit their friends down and ‘teach’ them everything – chapter by chapter. These friends have to hold their own notes and textbooks to make sure your kid’s materials are correct at the time of the presentation. After that, switch roles with the friends and make them teach your kids. After the whole process, they might learn something new.

6. Use your notes as bedtime stories

10 Memory Techniques For Studying Without Extra Cramming

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Before bedtime, read through the notes that were made for the day. Apply visuals and verbal techniques if necessary. But only read through one topic a night; as cramming will only make them forget.

7. Write down mathematic equations

If your kid is a weak student in math, they shouldn’t rely on calculators when solving math equations. Write down every step possible on paper and make notes at the side as a reminder on how the equation was solved.

8. Use humour

Some subjects require a lot of memorization. One way to remember is to use humour. It’s easier to remember a funny joke than a long list of facts or figures.

9. Exercise to release stress

10 Memory Techniques For Studying Without Extra Cramming

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Treating our body makes it easier to recall and process information better. Exercises help increase oxygen to our brain and may reduce the risk of memory loss.

10. Don’t forget to sleep!

Getting enough rest is crucial. It’s difficult to remember (anything) when your kid is sleep-deprived. Subjects dealing with creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking require their brain to operate at full speed. Besides, sleep is necessary for memory stabilization. Memory enhancing activity occurs during the deepest stages of sleep, allowing them to remember clearly what they’ve learnt during the day. Don’t let them burn their midnight oil. Get them to bed early and wake them up early as well to continue what they’ve left off the night before.

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