Baby in stroller narrowly escapes escalator accident in Singapore!

Baby in stroller narrowly escapes escalator accident in Singapore!

A baby in a stroller narrowly escaped being hurt in an escalator accident in Singapore! Read on...

A baby in a stroller narrowly escaped injury when the escalator buckled behind the family, right after they stepped off!

Escalator accident in Singapore

According to The Straits Times, the incident happened on Jan 21 (Saturday), at White Sands mall, Pasir Ris. The family, with the baby in a stroller, were heading to the second floor from the third floor, in an escalator. Right after they got off the escalator landing, at around 4:35 pm, the step collapsed.

Baby in stroller narrowly escapes escalator accident in Singapore!


Thankfully, the mall’s management team were quick to respond and no injuries were reported. The escalator was also cordoned off.

Centre Manager Ms Koreen Koh was quoted as saying, “We are presently working with the authorities and our service provider, Otis, to investigate the cause of the incident. The escalator will be closed till further notice. Even as this is an isolated incident, we are taking all precautions and conducting additional safety checks and monitoring for all escalators in the mall.”

Apparently, the affected escalator was just serviced in December.

Tips for escalator safety

This is the latest in a spate of escalator accidents that have been happening in Singapore over the past few months. Here are some tips to ensure that the regular trip to the mall does not turn horrendous:

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  • Always use a lift when your child is in a stroller : One cannot help but over emphasise on this fact. No matter how long the queue for the lift is, or no matter how much of an expert you are with balancing the stroller on the escalator, please use the lift! You would rather be safe than risk the little one’s life. While on that, let’s be more considerate and give families with strollers, and the elderly on wheelchairs priority while using the lift.
  • Always keep an eye on your children : Let them know that the escalator is not a place to play on. Some kids find it thrilling to slide on to the hand rails; this is extremely dangerous and must be strictly forbidden. Hold your children’s hands when stepping on and stepping off the escalator, and throughout the duration of the journey. Also you might even want to carry toddlers, especially if their coordination has not yet fully developed, or lift them up when stepping on and off the escalator.
  • Avoid plastic shoes with holes : Remember the terrible Crocs accident? These kind of shoes can get trapped easily in the combs of the escalator. Ensure shoelaces are tied up before stepping onto the escalator. Be very careful with loose or long clothing.
  • The elderly are advised to take the lift : As one gets older, vertigo and other health problems are bound to crop up. It is best to advise your elderly parents to use the lift, especially when they are with young kids. Also, if you have tons of grocery bags and a child in tow, don’t test your balancing skills and luck. Use the lift even it means a longer waiting time.
  • Keep to the left : This is especially applicable at peak hours, in crowded areas. The right side is for those who are in a hurry and don’t have the time or patience to let the escalator take its course. Also, avoid standing too close to the sides of the escalator. Hold on to the handrail.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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