Man falls to his death in Singapore mall: Safety reminder for parents this festive season

Man falls to his death in Singapore mall: Safety reminder for parents this festive season

His unfortunate death serves as an eye-opener to parents to watch their children carefully this festive season, especially in busy malls and other crowded areas.

On the 10th of December, a 48-year-old man fell* several storeys down in the Wisma Atria mall. The police reported that he succumbed to injuries that he got from the fall.

TodayOnline reported that the gory incident occurred around 9.46pm, when the police received a call requesting for assistance at 435 Orchard Road, where Wisma Atria is located.

The Indonesian man succumbed to his injuries after being brought to the Singapore General Hospital for treatment. He remained unconscious throughout.

According to reports, a group of off-duty medics from a private ambulance company tried to resuscitate the man in the first few minutes of the incident.

One of the medics told Channel NewsAsia that, "When we first came to him, he had no pulse for about 15 minutes," but "After the paramedics came and gave him some CPR, he had a very faint pulse."

The Police is currently investigating this unnatural death and the property manager of Wisma Atria shopping centre, YTL Starhill Global REIT, is assisting the authorities with this incident.

A safety-related eye opener for parents

The unfortunate death of this man is an eye-opener for parents to watch their children carefully, especially in malls during this busy holiday period.

We are reminded of a recent incident in China where a little boy got trapped in a moving escalator in a mall and died in just minutes.

Parents, please remember: practicing escalator and lift safety for your kids in malls is so important. Also, with beautiful festive decorations up in malls, your children may be tempted to peep over mall railings in higher levels -- do not let them do this.

Do take note of these guidelines for escalator safety so that your child will remain safe in this holiday season.

It only takes a minute for disaster to strike.

*Current news reports do not have any clear explanation on how the man fell.

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