Escalator tragedy in China results in the death of a little boy

Escalator tragedy in China results in the death of a little boy

The little boy's chest and stomach got trapped between the handrail and floor of a moving escalator in China. His young life ended in seconds in this horrific accident. Find out what happened in this article.

escalator death in china

Escalator death in China: a little boy died in this latest horrific accident.
Image credit: China Daily/ Sina Weibo

In another horrific Chinese escalator tragedy, a four-year-old boy died on Thursday 8 October in south-west China’s Chongqing city.

According to BBC and MyPaper reports, the little boy was pinned to the floor by the moving handrail of the escalator.

MyPaper quotes Chongqing Morning Daily as reporting that the accident happened while the boy was playing with his three-year-old sister in the concourse area at Hongqihegou Station.

They were playing unattended as their mother had gone to the toilet, say reports. According to the BBC report, the boy’s chest got “wedged between the bottom of the handrail and the ground.” When he screamed, his mother rushed back, but she could not get him out.

Even though station staff shut down the escalator within seconds of the accident happening, it was too late. MyPaper reports that “there was no heartbeat detected in the boy when he arrived by ambulance at a nearby hospital, a nurse who helped in trying to revive the child told Beijing Express.”

The Chongqing Rail Transport Authority, in a statement on its Weibo account said “We are deeply regretful and heartbroken over this case! We also would like to remind all passengers to look after their young children and old folks when travelling, be more alert, and avoid similar accidents!”

They are also reportedly investigating the matter further.

escalator death in china

Parents, you can never be too careful with monitoring your kids when travelling on an escalator or in a lift.

One death too many

The little boy’s death is the latest tragedy in a string of escalator and lift related accidents in China. Earlier this year, a mother fell to her death through a faulty escalator platform in a shopping mall in Hubei province, after pushing her child to safety.

Reports say that in September this year in Chongqing, a three-year-old girl got her arm stuck in a supermarket escalator.

In Singapore, there was the case of a little boy who got his hand trapped between the downward travelling escalator steps at Ang Mo Kio MRT station.

Mums and dads, the take-home message from these tragedies is quite obvious.

Please, always hold your child’s hand while travelling on escalators. Do not let them play near escalators or lifts and never leave them unattended near one.

It only take a split second for tragedy to strike.

Click on this link to read about escalator safety tips when out and about with children.

Parents, please share your own escalator and lift safety tips with us by posting a comment below. 

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