Parents beware of dangers when riding an escalator!

Parents beware of dangers when riding an escalator!

Read to find out what happened to this 4 year old girl during a family holiday.

The last thing you’d want to experience during a holiday with your family is for your loved ones to face danger, especially your little ones who aren't old enough to be aware of potentially harmful surroundings. Sometimes, dangerous situations can arise from a seemingly harmless and normal activity such as going up or down an escalator.

That was what Casey, father of 4 year old girl Olive, and his family had to go through during their return trip to Singapore from their recent holiday in Hong Kong.

Source: Casey's Facebook Post

How did it happen?

They were on a fast moving escalator and Olive, 4, who had on a pair of rubber boat shoes, which she owned for almost a year, got her foot stuck to the side of the escalator.

Olive’s mummy was quick enough to pull her to safety before something more serious could happen.

“Olive just turned around for mummy and her feet got stuck at the side - fast thinking mummy pulled her. She's alright!!”, said Casey. 

Ask for assistance

They then walked to the boarding gate where staff from United Airlines assisted the shaken family.

“I asked the Airline staff for first aid box. However, she let me board first so I can get help from the staff onboard. While onboard - the staffs was doing their best to keep Olive calm such bringing her juices. We then cleaned her wounds.” 


Message for parents

Casey wanted to warn parents to be careful and vigilant around and on escalators.

“Olive almost lost her little toes. Wishing all a safe year ahead. Amen.”

When asked what he would like other parents to take heed, he added, “I am hoping parents will take extra care towards children. As a parent myself - I was shaken when I saw blood while I was taking off her shoes and socks. Trust me, in my mind, I was only praying that nothing happen to her toes.”

Luckily, Olive only faced surface injuries, so there was minimal swelling.

According to Casey, “She’s (Olive) shaken a little, but was calm after a while”

We’re glad to hear that she is okay and that the family is back home, resting.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons By Sam Mugraby,

It is best to stay vigilant when we're with our little ones (or even the elderly) when riding escalators:

1. Be alert - Make sure your child's feet is not touching the side of the escalators

2. Always hold on to your child’s hand - Have your kid face forward the whole time when standing on a moving escalator.

3. No monkey business - Always remind them that this is not an area to run/ turn/ jump around. Get them in the habit to be vigilant as well.

4. Take the lift - If you are carrying multiple things and still have to manage your children, it’s better to take a little time waiting for the elevator and be safe.

5. Carry your toddlers - Your little ones may not have enough coordination or developmental skills to step off and instantly land on the platform—it takes good timing even as an adult. Always lift your toddler on and off the steps of the escalator. Just be careful to not be too close to the side as they will now be at an increased height and you wouldn't want another type of accident to occur.


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