6 strange milestone celebrations you secretly want to throw for your child

6 strange milestone celebrations you secretly want to throw for your child

As proud parents, we like to make a big deal out of our little one's milestones and achievements in life. But would you go so far as to partake in these strange celebrations and throw a party to commemorate unconventional occasions?

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Some parents celebrate this exciting milestone in their baby’s life by having a party!

1. First Tooth Party

When your bub is around six-months-old, her first tooth might appear and you probably will get excited about weaning her onto solids.

This is also one of the first moments it might dawn on you that your floppy little newborn is now a bright-eyed little baby who is ready for her first taste of mashed banana or rice cereal.

Worldwide traditions

According to Armenian customs, once your little one cuts her very first tooth, you should have the Agra Hadig (or Atam Hatik) celebration and present her with various items that symbolize different occupations — such as stethoscope for a doctor, money for a banker, microphone for entertainer, etc — and the one that she chooses is an indication of her future career.

Some Christians in Northern Europe wait for this milestone before having their child baptized and presented with some “tooth money”.

If you want a good excuse to buy your little one those adorable pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, you can tell everyone about an old Italian and Irish tradition where it’s customary for the toothy bub to receive a new pair of kicks to symbolize that she’s growing up well and ready to take her first steps!


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Make your child feel extra special by celebrating her new status as an older sibling

2. Big Sibling Party

When you were pregnant with your very first child, you probably had a lovely baby shower. 

Now that you’re expecting a new addition to the family, you might be hesitant about throwing another grand party. Some people might also suggest you do a smaller scale get-together called a Baby Sprinkle instead.

But why not throw a special party for your first child instead? This will help make them feel happy about becoming an older sibling!

Baby shower for big sibling-to-be

It can be a frustrating and even scary time for your firstborn to find out that she will no longer be the only child and feelings of jealousy towards the new baby may even arise.

Even cool mums like American singer-songwriter P!nk made sure to let her five-year-old daughter feel included and excited about the new baby by having a sweet Big Sister Party especially for her.

At your Big Sibling Party, let your child know what an honour it is to have this new responsibility as an older sibling. And how loved she still is by everybody.

You can also give her a present “from the baby”. To show her that her new sibling is excited to meet her. And very happy to have her as a playmate and friend for life.


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Remind your guests not to bring any presents to this particular party

3. No Presents Birthday Party

This might sound like a strange concept, but some parents feel that their kids have more than enough toys, clothes and fancy gadgets already, so prefer that party guests refrain from bearing any gifts.

Not placing too much importance on receiving presents could help encourage your child to appreciate what she already has, be less materialistic, and perhaps even understand that “less is more”.

In lieu of gifts

Instead of another stuffed animal to add to your child’s already jam-packed playroom, encourage family and friends to donate to a charity of your choice, in your child’s name.

This may include animal welfare groups and children’s orphanages such as:

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Would you throw a party for your bub when she turns six months old?

4. Half-Birthday Party 

Admit it, ever since your little munchkin was born, you’ve already been planning what to do for her first birthday, right? In fact, you might already have plenty of ideas for enough birthday parties until her Sweet Sixteen!

It’s perfectly fine for you to want to make a big deal out of your child’s birthday, so would it hurt to have a small party when she hits the halfway mark to her actual big day?

Matter of convenience

Be prepared to possibly be called bonkers, because this borderline ridiculous celebration just might make other people roll their eyes at you.

But some parents stand by this strange new trend because their kids always seem to miss out on having a fun party with their friends because their birthday happens to be during the school holidays and practically nobody’s around to attend their special day.

If you’re planning on throwing a Half-Birthday Party for your child, there are all sorts of interesting ideas online you can use for the decorations, food and invitations.


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Back-to-school parties are a great way to get your little one excited about starting the new term

5. Back-to-School Party

Call us mean, but for some mums and dads, having the kids back in school instead of hanging around at home driving you up the wall might be a good reason to celebrate and throw a big party!

Your child may have had lots of fun over the school holidays, but now it’s back to study-mode and time to hit the books, so say bye-bye to sleeping in and watching cartoons back to back, and welcome in a new school term by having a Back-To-School Party.

Putting the cool in school

Having this strange celebration maybe isn’t such a bad idea. It could help your little one actually look forward to seeing her teachers, classmates and schoolbooks again.

Make it fun for your child to shop for new school supplies like a schoolbag, pencil case, stationery, uniforms, socks and shoes, etc.

This is also a good opportunity for you to prepare your kid on what to expect in this new term and possibly being in a new class or even joining a new school.


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First Moon parties are also known as Red Tent or Menarche parties

6. First Moon Party

When your bub turned one-month-old, you might have held a Full Moon Party to officially introduce her to the rest of your family and friends.

But what on earth is a First Moon Party, you wonder?

Not a girl, not yet a woman

When your precious tween daughter hits puberty she will be getting her first period and thus begins her journey through womanhood.

Of course you’re not going to have an embarrassingly grand celebration and invite all her classmates, the neighbours and extended family members to give her awkward congratulatory pats on the back — but this is a wonderful bonding experience for your daughter and the important women figures in her life.

Educate her about proper feminine hygiene, give her the birds and the bees talk, and remember to let her know that there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about and celebrate her new chapter in life.

Would you throw a party for any of these strange celebrations? Do you have any more to add to this list? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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